Friday, January 17, 2014

Bulletin and Summon of Meeting - January 18, 2014

Message from the East

WB Rogelio C. Nuñeza

Brethren, may the blessings of the Great Architect of the Universe be always upon us.

I would like to greet all the brethren on this worshipful lodge a belated Happy New Year.  I regret I could not be with the lodge last December 2013 stated meeting.  I have to accompany your Sister Olga to Sr Lanka and proceeded to India for a short visit.  I wish to impart that the holiday season strengthened our understanding to our commitments to the teaching our ancient institution. 

Once more, we are affected by the LPA "Agaton" that hit some areas in Mindanao, including Iligan City.  This resulted to evacuation of some families to safer areas.  The Masonic Relief Coordinating Council led by VW Eduardo Ulindang, DDGM, made a round in many evacuation center and provided food to the families.  The major destruction was the bridge at Lapayan, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte that link Iligan City and Northern Mindanao to the Zamboanga Peninsula.  It affected major economic activities and more than a million of people whose business range from farm products such as rice and corn to fish for the City of Iligan and neighboring areas.  Let's hope that htis could be repaired earlier.

Brethren, this will be my last stated meeting as your Worshipful Master prior to the installation of the next WM in February 2014, I wish to thank all of you for your support and understanding.  The Masonic Year 2013 is memorable to me and my family and wish that Iligan Lodge 207 will continue to be the lodge we look up for our masonic activities.  I wish to reiterate my commitments for support to all our activities in the future.

Also, I welcome Bro. Karl Garzon, FCM to an active  masonic life as he is scheduled to a raising on our January stated meeting.  Bro. Ali Bari, Senior Warden and Master-elect will led the team to confer the Master Mason degree.

Lastly, I wish to thank all Masons who have given their support, both personal and financial to all the programs made during my term.  Let us move to another year of service to masonry, our fellowmen, our country and to the Grand Architect of the Universe.

* * * * * * * *
Agenda for the Stated Meeting

2:00 PM     Opening a Lodge of Master Mason
                   Conferment of Master Mason Degree upon Br. Karl Irwin Garzon

5:00 PM     Stated Meeting
                      Presentation of the Philippine Flag
                      Panunumpa sa Watawat
                      Reading of Minutes of previous meetings
                      Reading of Financial Report of Secretary
                      Reading of Financial Report of Treasurer
                      Reading of Edicts, Circulars, etc.
                      Committee Report
                           Family Day
                      Masonic Education
                      Recognition of Visiting Brethren
                      Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries
                      Retirement of the Philippine National Flag
                      Closing of the Lodge

7:00 PM    Fellowship Dinner, UDL Masonic Center Social Hall

* * * * * * * *
For the month of January, we greet the birthday celebrants a very Happy Happy Birthday :

                   Renato Bontol                    Jan 10
                   Ali Bari                              Jan 10
                   Jason Lim                           Jan 14
                   Rolando Layumas              Jan 17
                   Warlito Sanguila                 Jan 28
                   Joseph Sanguila                 Jan 29
                   Ronald Sy                          Jan 30

Happy Anniversary :

                    WB Oscar and Sis Belinda Badelles       Jan 10
                    Bro Ike and Sis Grace Gaite                  Jan 18


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