Sunday, December 21, 2014

Elections for 2015 and Christmas Party 2014!

The elections for the Officers of Iligan Lodge No. 207 for the MY 2014 are as follows:

Worshipful Master - Bro. Pat D. Noel
Senior Warden - Bro. Ivan Banaag
Junior Warden - Bro. Alykhan Ali
Treasurer - WB Jimmy Magnetico
Secretary - VW Warly Sanguila
Auditor - WB Ali Bari

The elections for the Junior Warden was quite close as it started with 6 names, then down to 3 names and finally to 2 names.  Bro. Alykhan Ali emerged finally as the choice of the Brethren.  Thank you for the trust and confidence shown to the elected officers.

The Lodge will be attending the 118th Rizal Day Commemorative Program at the Rizal Park at 7 o'clock in the morning after which all the Brethren of the District will meet at the UDLMC for the Workshop, Proficiency and Seminar for everyone interested especially those who are elected officers for the ensuing term.

After a suspenseful elections, we had a Christmas Party held at the function hall of the UDLMC and it was fun with lots of singing.  The program though short was filled with laughter. A singing contest then followed which was participated by 8 brothers from different lodges.  A small love token was then given to the beloved wives of our departed brethren of Iligan Lodge No. 207.

 Sister Balaquit

 Sister Remollo

Sister Soliva

Our way of serenading our beloved sisters!


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bulletin and Notice of Meeting December 20, 2014


WB Ali M. Bari
Worshipful Master


Greetings and May the Grand Architect of the Universe bless us and our loved ones with good health.

The fever of the Christmas season is with us now.  I am sure you are all hearing the usual songs for the season.  It also set to me, that my term as your Master of the Iligan Lodge No. 207 is about to end.  I wish to reiterate my dream that we should all work to bring back our lodge into what it signify in this district.

Our program Bring-a-Friend was received satisfactorily by those we invited, that at least three (3) gave their petition for the degrees of Masonry to the Secretary.  We have now seven (7) petitioners, hopefully to join us next year.   I just regretted that  not one was voted favorably in our lodge, hopefully next year will boast our desire to resuscitate our lodge to more active activities that will make masonry more relevant in our time and the future.

Lastly, let me thank all the brethren who supported us in our journey this year.  Bro. Pat Noel, Senior Warden and Bro. Ivan Banaag, Junior Warden gave their best to make our journey worth remembering.

TOGETHER BRETHREN let us make once more Iligan Lodge No. 207 the jewel of the Masonic District!

- - - - - -
Agenda for the Stated Meeting

5:00 PM               Opening a lodge of Master Mason
                             Reading and Approval
                                -  Minutes of last stated meeting
                                -  Secretary Financial Report
                                -  Treasurer Financial Report
                             Reports of Committees
                                -  Sunshine
                                -  Fellowship
                             Reading of Grand Lodge Edicts/ Circulars
                             Other Communications (Petitions, etc)
                             Reading of Part III, Article II, Section 2 of the Masonic Law Book
                             Election of Officers MY 2015
                             Recognition of visiting Brethren
                             Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries
                             Closing the Lodge of Master Mason

- - - - - -
Petitioners :    Mr. Ricarte Cadalin
                      Mr. Leonidas Hidalgo
                      Mr. Arturo Alibango
                      Mr. Sotero M. Jala, Jr.
                      Mr. Maclin Lanto
                      Mr. Lee Michael C. Caballes
                      Mr. Nocolai G. Tenazas

- - - - - - -
Happy Birthday to December Celebrants

Dec 10             WB Jaime Magnetico
Dec 11             WB Rogelio Nuñeza
Dec 12             Bro. Warren Lim
Dec 14             VW Edwin Co
Dec 22             Bro. Melvyn Salise
Dec 28             Bro. Victor Orbe

Happy Anniversary

Dec 9       VW Fem & Sis Gloria
Dec 10     WB Lando & Sis Liberty
Dec 19     VW James & Sis Fely
Dec 20     WM ABel & Sis Joanne