Monday, January 25, 2010

The Sisters in Action

Behind the Iligan Lodge's success are the Sisters.   Select Sisters have prepared a dance number which they performed during the fellowship.  They practiced every night at 8pm for four days at the Masonic Center and on the fifth night, they practiced at the actual venue, the Maria Cristina Hotel.

From left :  Rose Balacuit, Gloria Calio, Belinda Badelles, Jean Sy, Judith Magnetico, Erla Tan, Gina Aguilar, Girlie Chiu

The Sisters in their dance presentation :





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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Roll of Past Masters

Roll of Past Masters

1975       WB Gerardo B. Padilla
1976       WB Juan B. Escarda (+)
1977       WB Moises F. Dalisay Sr. (+)
1978       WB Olympio W. Chiu (+)
1979       VW Salvador Ll. Laya
1980       VW Henry C. Dy
1981       WB Reneriano D. Soliva (+)
1982       WB Warlito M. Sanguila
1983       WB Benigno P. Reyes (+)
1984       VW Roberto S. Co
1985       WB Datumanong D. Sarangani
1986       WB Larmingo M. Tam (+)
1987       WB Venancio K. Kuan (+)
1988       WB Eufemio L. Calio
1989       WB Salvador Ll. Laya
1990       WB Mervin V. Salazar
1991       WB Jimmy Y. Balacuit (+)
1992       WB Ronnie R. Albulario
1993       WB EdwinS. Co
1994       WB Victor G. Mariano
1995       WB Ervin S. Aspiras
1996       WB Ike Saturnino C. Gaite
1997       VW G. Audwin T. Garzon
1998       WB Eduardo B. Cueto
1999       WB Calixto B. Fabrero, Jr. (+)
2000       WB Angelo M. Rentoy
2001       WB James T. Yu
2002       VW Dominic W. Siao
2003       WB Wayne M. Chavit
2004       WB Alvin Roy C. Bacolod
2005       WB Rolando U. Layumas
2006       WB Albert T. Chiu
2007       WB Genesis G. Calit
2008       WB Ronald U. Sy
2009       WB Eduardo D. Ulindang       

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Roll of Members for Masonic Year 6010

Below are the Roll of Members for Masonic Year 6010 :

Aguilar, Lloyd Jose C.                         
Ali, Alykhan U.                                    
Ang, Charles K.                                  
Ang, Henry K. PDDGM (+)               
Aspiras, Ervin S., PRGL                     
Bacareza, Wilfredo R., PM                 
Bacolod, Alvin Roy C., PM                
Badelles, Oscar V.                             
Bari, Ali M.                                        
Bartolome, Antonio III Ll.                  
Bartolome, Ferdinand Realtor P., PM         
Bautista, Gerald S.                             
Betoy, Gilbert                                    
Bontol, Renato T.                              
Calio, Eufemio L., PM                      
Calit, Genesis G., PM                       
Chan, Carlito, Jr. L.                          
Chavit, Wayne M., PM                     
Chiong, Lowell D.                             
Chiu, Albert T., PM                          
Co, Edwin S., PDDGM                    
Co, Robert S., PDDGM                   
Cruz, Pelagio Jr., V.                          
Cueto, Eduardo B., PM                    
Dacalos, Aurelio Jr. A.                      
Dinopol, Cristeto Jr.                          
Dy, Henry C., PDDGM                    
Emperado, Gig T., PDDGM          
Espejo, Alberto V.                            
Fetalvero, Aaron V.                          
Gaerlan, Charlton Sean M.                
Gaite, Ike Saturnino C., PM              
Garzon, Graciano Audwin T., PDDGM     
Geonzon, Zaldy L                              
Gomez, Hilario Abel B.                      
Gonzaga, Danilo N.                           
Laya, Francisco Victor S.                  
Laya, Salvador Ll., PDDGM             
Layumas, Rolando U., PM                
Lim, Lason Robert G.                        
Lim, David Warren G.            
Lim, Richard D.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The New Set of Officers : 2010

The following are the Officers for Masonic Year 6010 (2010 AD)

Worshipful Master         Oscar V. Badelles
Senior Warden              Jaime P. Magnetico
Junior Warden              Hilario Abel B. Gomez
Treasurer                      Boyd F. Siao
Secretary                      Graciano Audwin T. Garzon
Assistant Secretary        Antonio L. Bartolome
Auditor                          Eduardo D. Ulindang
Chaplain                        Sotero Q. Trinidad
Marshal                          Carlito L. Chan, Jr.
Senior Deacon                Rene A. Tan
Junior Deacon                Pat D. Noel
Orator                           Ronald U. Sy
Almoner                        Albert T. Chiu
Lecturers                      Eufemio L. Calio
                                     Victor G. Mariano
Senior Steward              Lloyd Jose C. Aguilar
Junior Steward              Alykhan U. Ali
Organist                        Abdul Hakim . Mamad
Tyler                             Rogelio R. Remollo
Protocol Officer            Eduardo B. Cueto     
Harmony Officer           Warlito M. Sanguila

The Three Lights
From left  :  Jaime Magnetico, Oscar Badelles and Abel Gomez

From left, standing : Pat D. Noel, Roy Trinidad, Ronald Sy, Albert Chiu, Kim Mamad, Lloyd Aguilar, Boy Bartolome, Victor Mariano, Carlito Chan, Rene Tan
From left, seated :  Audwin Garzon, Jaime Magnetico, Oscar Badelles, Abel Gomez, Boyd Siao

Wacky  Pose 

To view more photos click here.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Installation of 2010 Officers of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines : Iligan Lodge No. 207

On January 16, 2010 the newly elected and appointed officers of the Iligan Lodge No. 207 was installed at the Ubaldo Laya Masonic Center with VW Gerardo D. Paguio as guest speaker. WB Eduardo D. Ulindang was the installing officer, 2009 Worshipful Master. Master of Ceremonies was VW Eufemio Calio while the assistant MC was VW Genesis Calit. Fellowship dinner followed at the 7th floor of the Ma. Cristina Hotel .

Filipino tradition requires the brethren to be in Barong Pilipino, but to distinguish the elected and appointed officers from the rest of the members of Iligan Lodge No. 207, they decided to wear coat and tie which turned out to be quite pleasant to look at.

Below are some photos during the installation.

"No man should ever enter any great or important undertaking without first invoking the blessings of GOD."

The Honor of Presenting the Flag of our Country at the altar.

"Press it on your lips, hug it..."

The outgoing officers surrendering their jewels to the Assistant Master of Ceremony for safekeeping.

Finally, the outgoing Worshipful Master surrendering his jewels to the Assistant Master of Ceremony. 
  The outgoing Officers closing their term with a prayer.

The Incoming officers at the altar for the benefit of prayer.

 The Incoming Worshipful Master, Bro. Oscar V Badelles being introduced to the brethren and the public.

 Incoming Worshipful Master Oscar V Badelles with the working tools of his office.

I do most solemnly promise and vow.

 The Senior Warden Bro Jaime P Magnetico receiving the jewels of his office.

Taking the vows of office of a Senior Warden at the altar.

Vows of the Junior Warden at the altar.

The Treasurer Bro Boyd Siao receiving his jewels.

The Secretary VW Audwin Garzon receiving his jewels.

Incoming Chaplain VW Roy Trinidad at the altar.

Bro Carlito Chan Jr being installed as Marshal.

Junior Deacon Pat Noel and Senior Deacon Renato Tan being installed.

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