Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Freemasonry's Symbols

Silent as the forgotten past are the Symbols of Freemasonry, yet we well may believe that all of Freemasonry is to be found in those inarticulate Symbols.

We have rituals for our various degree.  Any Brother may memorize them.  Even an expelled Brother may carry the so called secrets of the ritual with him.  Even some of the "profane" claim to be conversant with the secrets of our rituals.

It may be doubted however that any of the real secrets of Freemasonry are to be found in the secret rituals which only Masons are presumed able to read.  It is becoming more and more the belief of students of Masonry that the real secrets are so found in the symbols that have been described and interpreted in many volumes which Masons and the profane alike may read.

More than that, each Masons and each non-masons may interpret the symbols for himself, and who can really say whether his explanation is correct, or that is a complete interpretation?  The silent Symbol gives no words or approval or disapproval.  The real secrets contained in any Symbol are what any individual find them to be for himself.

Source :  Bulletin and Summon of Meeting January 18, 2014

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