Sunday, June 22, 2014

Past Masters Night / DDGM's Turn-over Ceremonies

How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together...for the past Masters Night and the DDGM's Turn-over Ceremonies.  It is like...what happened in Iligan Lodge No. 207 last May 17, 2014.

Iligan Lodge No. 207's anniversary was during the previous month of April, but due to the preparation for the Ancom, the lodge opted to do it on the following month during the stated meeting for the month of May and it turned out to be one of the lodge's highlight of the year - RW Tomas G. Rentoy III, the Deputy Grand Master of Masons of the Philippines was present to celebrate it with us and to witness the turn-over ceremony of the District Deputy Grand Master VW Eduardo Ulindang to the present DDGM VW Feliciano Alagao.

RW Rentoy was very much impressed with the ceremonies that he informed the district that there was a plan of scrapping the ceremonies because some districts are doing it without giving importance to the just doing it anywhere they a restaurant or elsewhere where they are having fellowship.  Which to him was just any ordinary fellowship because they forgot the importance of the position of the office.  So when he witnessed how RX-D & Armm (Lanao) went through the event, he highly suggested that the whole jurisdiction of the GLP adopt the way we do it.  Leading the right way, the proper way.  The pictures below showed how it was done and what happen right after.

 Iligan Lodge No. 207 WM Wb Ali Bari listening to the procedures of the meeting with RW Tomas Rentoy III at the east.

 RW Tomas G. Rentoy III with the incoming DDGM and the DGLs (starting from the left to right: VW Stephen Monterroyo, VW Ian Uy, VW Romulo Tapia, all incoming DGLs and VW Feliciano Alagao, incoming DDGM).

 VW Eduardo Ulindang, outgoing DDGM (right) handing over his gable of authority to the incoming District Deputy Grand Master VW Feliciano "Anong" Alagao at the altar.

 Standing behind both gentlemen are their District Grand Lecturers.

 Incoming DDGM VW Alagao giving his acceptance speech before the brethren of the district.

 A clearer look at how happy the new District Deputy Grand Master appeared during his speech.

 VW Francis Blanco, past Master of Jacques DeMolay Lodge No. 305 giving the thumbs up.

 RW Rentoy giving his message for the brethren of the district.

 WB Ali Bari giving his token to the guest of honor.

 VW Anong Alagao also presenting his token.

 The first of the numberless photo ops.

 With members of Iligan Lodge No. 207.

 WB JoTadz of Don Antonio T. Cosim Memorial Lodge posing with the chair that his late father donated to the lodge many years ago.

 DeMolay Masons together.

 WB Abel Gomez promised me something...strictly incharge!

 RW Tomas G. Rentoy giving his inspirational message during the fellowship at MarRos Cocina, the venue of the fellowship.

 A closer look at the honored guest.

 Another look with the keynote speaker of the affair.

 Brethren from Lucman Lodge No. 406 in the house!!!  Thank you very much for your presence and your visit to our humble lodge.

 Another happy pose with the dignitaries.

 Handsome looking guys.  Thank you for your presence!

RW Tomas G. Rentoy III posed with the lovely sisters present during the occasion.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Bulletin and Notice of Meeting June 21, 2014

Message from the Worshipful Master
Bro. Ali M. Bari

My Dear Brethren,

Greetings of peace and may the Great Architect of the Universe bless us and our families.

This month, we joined the City of Iligan in the celebration of the Independence Day last June 12.  Masons in their regalia march from the lodge to the City Rizal Plaza for the program.  WB Cesar Miguel of Maranaw Lodge 111 delivered the "Salute to the Flag" and VW Feliciano Alagao, DDGM assisted Mayor Celso Regencia in the raising of the Philippine flag.

Last June 16, 2014, the Masonic District participated in the Civic-Military Parade in the observance of the "Araw ng Iligan".   The Iligan Shriners provided the clown, distributing candies along the way.  At the end of these activities, a sumptuous breakfast was provided by the district.

We are now halfway of the masonic year and I am still looking to our different programs for the community.  We are finalizing our "Adopt-a-School" program.  We request the brethren of Iligan Lodge No. 207 to support this activity.  We also hope to implement the "Bring-a-Friend" program of the district in August, our visit to our sister Lodge, the L.T. PaƱares Lodge 220 on September, Widows and Orphans celebration in October and the Beehive recognition in November.

Lastly, we thank the Brethren for the support in the visit of RW Tomas G. Rentoy III, Deputy Grand Master of Masonic in this jurisdiction last month.

TOGETHER BRETHREN let us make once more Iligan Lodge No. 207 the Jewel of the Masonic District!

- - - - - - - -
Agenda for the Stated Meeting :  June 21, 2014

5:00  PM      Opening of the Lodge of Master Mason
                     Presentation of the Philippine National Flag
                     Main  Business :
                        - Reading and Approval of Minutes of Last Stated Meeting
                        - Reading and Approval of Secretary's Financial Report
                        - Reading and Approval of Treasurer's Report
                     Committee Reports
                        - Sunshine
                        - Fellowship
                      Masonic Education  -  VW Stephen T. Monterroyo, DGL
                      Balloting on the Petition of Mr. Ricarte Cadalin
                      Reading of Grand Lodge Edicts/ Circulars
                      Other Communication (Petitions, etc.)
                      Acknowledgement of Visiting Brethren
                      Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries
                      Closing of the Lodge of Master Mason

Petitioners   :   Mr. Ricarte Cadalin
                      Mr. Leonidas Hidalgo
                      Mr. Arturo Alibanga

- - - - - - - -
For the month of June, we have a precious few Birthday  Celebrations.  All the same, we would like to greet them all a Happy, Happy Birthday!

                    Bro. Khaliquzzaman Macabato    June 12
                    Bro. Sandy U. Sy                        June 15
                    VW Angelo Rentoy                     June 18

Happy Wedding Anniversary

                    WB Robert and Sis Josie Padilla                June 1
                    WB Melanio and Sis Annabelle Siao          June 2
                    Bro. Arthure and Sis Liza Padilla                June 5
                    WB Jaime and Sis Judith Magnetico           June 9
                    Bro. Ali and Sis Hayde Bari                       June 13
                    VW Sotero and Sis Sol Trinidad                June 19
                    Bro. Antonio and Sis Connie Bartolome     June 25