Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Elocution on the "Lambskin Apron"

Elocution on the "Lambskin Apron" was first held at Tubod, Lanao del Norte last October 31, 2009 at the lobby of the office of Lanao Norte Electric Co., with the able leadership of VW Lyndon L. Abucay, DDGM.  Iligan Lodge No. 207 was ably represented by Bro. Hilario Abel Gomez, who as they say, "Took home the bacon".  He was pitted against the representatives of Maranaw Lodge No. 111, Manticao Lodge No. 243, Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge No. 259, Lake Lanao Lodge No. 227, Rajah Indrapatra Lodge No. 387 and the host lodge, Glicerio A. Lim Memorial Lodge No. 222.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ladies Night 2010

In celebration of their 75th year founding anniversary, Maranaw Lodge No. 111 hosted the annual Ladies Night last February 14, 2010 at Elena Tower Inn.  The affair was attended by  brethren from different lodges of District RD X-D & ARMM Lanao.  Iligan Lodge No. 207 was well represented...the brethren, accompanied by their respective loved ones, came in their Barong  Pilipino, some in Coat and Tie, and the sisters, in their lovely dresses.

Masonry creates a certain degree of loyalty from its members...if you so observed, even in their dot age they still come, active in the affairs that requires their presence.  All over the world, this is a trend among true
Masons, among true brothers, among true friends!
In the picture above, WB Luzvimindo Mamauag, Sr., accompanied by Sister Rosita, who looked very lovely in her red dress, flocked by Bro. Cesar Miguel and Sister Revilla Noel.

Brotherhood of Men does not stop to a brother alone but extends to his family.
That is the Brotherhood taught in Masonry.  Masonry then is not just a Brotherhood of Men
but the Family of Men.  We are not initiated to Masonry alone, but our entire family, who also becomes
part of the fraternity when we are accepted to the craft.  In the photo, from left to right, Sister Binky,
Sis Jacqui So, the better half of VW Steven, Sis Dennie So, Sis Evelyn Longos and Bro Manny Longos
and VW Christopher Tek An.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Message from the Worshipful Master - April Stated Meeting 2010

Happy Easter my brethren.

It was a time for reflection, repentance and renewal.  For Christians, the dominant theme of Easter is the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, the triumph of life over death, of light over darkness and the hope of eternal salvation.  Hope makes life meaningful.  Faith makes all things possible.  Love makes all things beautiful.  As Masons, we are ever reminded to live uprightly, to love one another, and give justice to all.

For the brethren of Iligan Lodge No. 207, the month of April is also a time for renewal and re-dedication of our vows.  Let us reinvigorate the commitments we each made when we took our solemn pledge as a member of this lodge.  We honor our Past Masters for their outstanding leadership and achievements, and to remind ourselves that, like in the past, no goal is too high, no challenge is too great, and no task is too hard for the brethren who labor together in harmony.

Speaking of labor, I would like to thank and recognize the members of the conferral team who labored to confer the second degree of Masonry upon Bro. Genesis Ulandag last March 20, 2010.  We anticipate the same degree of dedication and proficiency when we shall raise Bro. Genesis Ulandag to the sublime degree of Master Mason hopefully on June 19th -- which is Rizal Day.  He expressed regrets that his duties at this new work assignment prevents him from securing an earlier leave from work.

Again I would like to urge the brethren to show your support to Bro. Abel Gomez who is one of our three contestants from Mindanao to the lambskin apron elocution contest at the ANCOM this coming April 22 to 24, 2010 at the Mall of Asia, Manila.  Make us proud, Abel.     - WB Oscar V. Badelles

* * * *

Past Master's Night
35th Charter Anniversary

*  Invocation - Bro. Antonio Ll. Bartolome III


1st Toast to the Government & Country - WB Oscar V. Badelles
2nd Toast to the Grandmaster of Masons - WB Oscar V. Badelles
3rd Toast to the DDGM and Grand Line Officers - Bro. Hilario Abel B. Gomez, JW
DDGM's Message - VW Genesis G. Calit, DGL
4th Toasts to the Brethren of Iligan Lodge No. 207 - WB Eduardo B. Cueto
5th toasts to the Lodge Past Masters - WB Ronald U. Sy
Past Masters' Message - WB Gerardo B. Padilla, PM
Roll Call of Past Masters - WB Oscar V. Badelles
                                                VW G. Audwin T. Garzon
Blowing of Anniversary Candles - All Past Masters


6th Toasts to the Ladies of Iligan Lodge No. 207 - WB Eduardo D. Ulindang
7th Toasts -- Tyler's Toast - VW Warlito M. Sanguila
Closing of the Ceremony -  Bro. Jaime P. Magnetico, SW
*  Community Singing - Auld Lang Syne

VW Sotero Q. Trinidad
Master of Ceremonies

* * * *



*  Reading & Approval of the Minutes of Last Stated Meeting
*  Reading & Approval of Secretary's Financial Report
*  Reading & Approval of Treasurer's Report
*  Reading of Communications

*  ANCOM 2010 - SW Jaime P. Magnetico
*  Home for the Aged - SW Jaime P. Magnetico
*  Family Bonding - WB Ronald U. Sy
*  Sunshine - VW Edwin S. Co

6:00 P.M. - MASONIC EDUCATION - VW Warlito M. Sanguila, PM

6:20 P.M. - RE-DEDICATION - VW Genesis G. Calit, PM, DGL


6:35 P.M. - Messages / Commentaries Visiting WMs, GLI, DGLs, and DDGM

7:00 P.M. - 35th Charter Anniversary and Past Masters Night

* * * *

Greetings to our APRIL BIRTHDAY celebrants:

Bro. Pat D. Noel - April 6
WB Ike Saturnino C. Gaite - April 7
Bro. Richard D. Lim - April 9
Bro. Pelagio V. Cruz, Jr. - April 12
WB Oscar V. Badelles - April 20
Bro. Zaldy L. Geonzon - April 20
Bro. Genesis Olandag  - April 28

Source:  Iligan Lodge No. 207 Bulletin and Notice of Meeting, April 17, 2010

- - - - -
"Strange that we all defend our wrongs with more vigor than we do our rights." - Kahlil Gibran