Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Iligan Lodge No. 207 36th Charter Anniversary

I would like to reiterate that our Charter Anniversary falls on the month of April.  But due to the fact that most of the brethren then were out of town (including yours truly!), the Worshipful Master opted to postpone it to May 2011, thus the event.

Our stated meeting started on time and I was supposed to take the position of Senior Deacon upon the request of Bro. Rene Tan (who is still in Manila to be with his Mom who is recuperating in the hospital due to some minor ailments), I arrived late because I still came from Cagayan de Oro then.  Fortunately, WB Oscar Badelles was there to sit as Senior Deacon.  I just took the position when I arrived in the lodge room.

I'd like to announce that during our stated meeting, we balloted Mr. Ivan Banaag who got a favorable nod from the brethren.  So we will be very glad to start our labors for the benefit of Mr. Banaag to receive the degrees.

After the stated meeting, we had our fellowship at the Ubaldo D Laya Masonic Center Hall.  Though there only a few of the brethren who were present (and 1 sister, my lovely wife Binky), we enjoyed all the activities prepared specially the 7 toasts (where Sister Binky was the only one to be honored in the 6th Toast) and clinched with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne" at the top our voice.

 Settling down with the 1st toast

Worshipful Master Jaime Magnetico raising his glass for the 1st Toast
 JW Bro Roger Nuñeza with the 3rd Toast

 Awaiting (and thirsty for) the 4th Toast

 Our beloved Charter Master, WB Henry Padilla delivering in behalf
of the other Past Masters his message which he says is his
own for he doesn't want the other PMs to be obligated to
what he was about to deliver.

 Listening in a pensive mood to the seriousness of the event.

 And with the appearance of agreement to the speakers statements.

 The IPM of Iligan Lodge No. 207 WB Oscar Badelles listening while
WB Nap Llauder texting seriously at the background.

 WB Henry Padilla in a serious gesture during his speech.

 4th Toast given by PM Ed Ulindang

 Past Masters and PDDGMs both, VW Warly Sanguila and VW James Yu

 The Anniversary Cake that is one year early...we're still 36 but the
cake's 37.   Our lodge is just always one step ahead of the rest. :)

 Some of the Past Masters present during the fellowship night.

 Guess you can point out the two who ran out of air to blow.

 The tokens given to the Past Masters.  A commemorative plate.

 A closer look at the plate...intended for Charter Master WB Henry Padilla

 Our New District Deputy Grand Master VW Eduard Banawa.

 Giving of the tokens.  WB Henry Padilla

 VW Warly Sanguila

 VW Robert Co

 VW James Yu

 WB Eduardo Ulindang

 WB Oscar Badelles

 6th Toast offered by SW Bro Abel Gomez

 The last but surely not the very least 7th Toast - The Tyler's Toast!

 Relaxed Mode!

 Our newly balloted to receive Masonic degrees - Mr. Ivan Banaag

 Half of the group singing the Auld Lang Syne

 The middle group

 The left part of the choir.

 The group trying to get the rhythm before the finale
 The Anniversary Cake prepared by WB Albert Chiu who unfortunately is out of town.

Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth

- - - - - -
"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  1. Good to know that there are some brethren today who last for so many years still having that bond of friendship. May you have more charter anniversaries to come.