Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Mindanao Travelers Invitational Shootfest

This year is quite fruitful for Iligan Lodge No. 207 and Manticao Lodge No. 243.  Both lodges had a joint installation of officers for Masonic Year 2011 which was held last January.
Now, before the 6th month, another very successful activity was hosted by both lodges - the 2011 Mindanao Travelers Invitational Shootfest.  The event was very much successful as described by Bro. John Chen which he describes in his email below and which I copied and pasted here...

Iam Chen John
In the Masons Team Relay fun event, there were eight participating teams.

Teams were : 111-A, 111-B, 207-A, 207-B, 243-A, 243-B, 259, 222+.

FINALS were between 207-A (composed of Bro. Sandy Sy, VW James Yu, WB Roberto Padilla & Bro. Jason Lim) which won over 243-A (composed of WM Michael E.A. Quidlat, Bro. Ernest Oliver Uy, Bro. Julius dela Cruz & Bro. Johnny Chen).

207-B (composed of SW Abel Gomez, Bro. Lloyd Aguilar, Bro. Pat Noel & demolay Reggielloyd Aguilar) took the third place over 243-B (composed of Sis. Joan Quimbo, Bro. Majul Gandamra, daughter Jan Avery Chen, & Petnr. Ruben Co).

111 fielded teams A & B composed of WB Ian Uy, JW JohnSmith Yu Engka, Bro. Regalado Chua & Bro. Aitor Gonzales; and Bro. Vic June Francisco, Kenneth Bernardo, C. Catipay, J. Cañete)

Team 259 was represented by WB Steven So, Bro. Chito Bliss & VW James Yu.

Team 222 - Bro. Alex Mitmug & Bro. PCI Ismael Zainal.

City Director P/SSupt Celso G. Regencia graced and participated in the relay and was a guest team member of 207-B.

 Beautifully designed t-shirt for the shootfest

 The beautiful trophies of the different events

 Bro. Sandy Sy, our Junior Deacon was the awarding Master of Ceremony

 A closer look at the trophies.

 First time competition participant SW Bro. Abel Gomez, a member of
Iligan Lodge No. 207 Team B

 Bro. Pat Noel of Iligan Lodge No. 207 Team B receiving the 2nd Runner-up Trophy.
Not bad for first timers!  Beside Bro. Pat is the WM of Manticao Lodge No. 243,
WB Michael Quidlat, Team member of Manticao Lodge No. 243 and the 1st Runner-up
of the Team Relay Shoot-Off!

 Details of the Travelers ShootFest 

 Iligan Lodge No. 207 Team A, all seasoned Shooters!
and the Team Relay Shoot Off Champion!

 A brother from Maranaw Lodge No. 111 showing the moves!

 Bro. Jason Lim of Iligan Lodge No. 207 with his winning form. :) 

 Iligan Lodge No. 207 Past Master WB Rolando "RL" Layumas' sponsored stage.

 WB Bert Padilla's winning form greatly contributed to the Champion Trophy!

 Bro. Sandy Sy's winning form with eyes closed?

 VW James Yu's daughter showing her prowess in gun-handling.

 The father, VW James Yu contributes his sharp-shooting abilities.

 Me, in my 2nd runner-up form...first time participant trying to hide my shaking gun-handling... :)

 VW James Yu in one of the stages in the competition.

 Brethren of Maranaw Lodge No. 111 awaiting their turn to shoot.

 Bro. Sandy Sy receiving the Champions Trophy for the Relay Team Shoot Off.

 Another brother from Maranaw Lodge No. 111 doing his turn at the firing range closely guarded
by Bro. Abner Ratunil, the Range Officer.

 VW James Yu with the Champion's Trophy and medal.

 No knee problem with this guy as he shoots plates, poppers, anything that is placed as a target. :)

 Tough Guys wear Pink!

 A shooter looks for the sponsor...don't know for what reason. 

 Hope he's not shooting the sponsor... :P

 Range Officer...Duffy Duck. joke, joke, joke...it's Bro. Abner Ratunil.

 Trying to give instructions over the sound of gun fire.

 PNP City Director Celso Regencia graced the Team Relay Shoot Off. Thanks Sir!

 Bro. Lloyd Aguilar's son and DeMolay shooter!

 WB Bert Padilla giving the finishing touches of the competition. :D

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  1. For a while there, I thought my name's one of the target plates... LOL!!! As I was telling Bro. Jing, you guys didn't have to post anything for me... Anyway, my sincerest gratitude to the brethren... More power and God bless.

    Bro. RL