Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amusing Anecdotes

A Junior Deacon and a Visiting Brother

A Lodge in the National Capital Region was unexpectedly visited by a foreign Masonic dignitary.  The Junior Deacon told the Worshipful Master :  "Worshipful Master, there is an alarm at the door", and the Worshipful Master said, "Attend the alarm and report your findings".

When he opened the door, the Junior Deacon saw, to his amazement, a Brother impeccably clad with an elaborate apron and jewels.  The Tyler being slow in answering for the visiting Brother, the latter solemnly said,  "I am Brother John Smith, Past Master of my Lodge, Past Grand Master of Masons in our Grand Jurisdiction, Past Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite in the Northern Jurisdiction of the United States, York Rite Legion of Honor Awardee, and Imperial Potentate of Shrine Temples in North America.  I humbly request an audience with your Worshipful Master."

Hearing the visiting Brother's words and awed by his apron, jewels and titles, the Junior Deacon immediately closed the door, returned to his post, and said tremendously, "Worshipful Master, the Grand Architect of the Universe is at the door and desires admission into the Lodge!"

Keep it Under Your Hat

The Lodge had just opened.  As the Master looked around the Lodge room, he noticed a brother on the back row over in the southwest corner who was wearing a hat.   Not wanting to embarrass the brother, the Master called on the Senior Deacon to quietly ascertain why the brother was wearing a hat.  After  whispered conversation with the offending brother, the Senior Deacon reported back to the Master.  He said that the brother was overjoyed to be asked.  It was the third time he had attended that Lodge, and this was the first time anyone had spoken to him.  -  At Refreshment (1987) by Ill. Steward M. L. Pollard

Source :   The Cabletow, March-April 2010

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