Monday, September 20, 2010

Message from the Worshipful Master - September 20, 2010


The 20th day of September marks the beginning of the nine days of novena prayer leading to the celebration of the Feast of Señor San Miguel.  This is also the "pagkanaog" day when Señor San Miguel is lowered from his lofty pedestal.  Perhaps not known to everyone, there is a local "tinuhuan" or folk belief associated with this event - it augurs well for the People of Iligan if Señor San Miguel allows himself to be lowered in one easy heave, while it is bad omen if several attempts are required.  So, in spite of the fact that this ritual has been carried out repeatedly in the past, the devotees still anxiously look forward to and pray for a smooth and quick "pagkanaog."  This is the reason why many devotees also celebrate this day.  We therefore join them in their celebration as we also pray for peace and harmony in our community in this deplorable present.

The "pagkanaog" is also opportune time for us Brethren to have a fellowship among ourselves.  It has been months since we last had a similar bonding activity.  Everyone is urged to attend this meeting, specially, the fellowship afterward.  You don;t want to miss the gimmicks prepared by JW Abel Gomez.

We visited our sister lodge, the Leonardo T. Pañares Lodge No. 220 last September 6th.  Aside from the three lights, we were joined by DDGM Ben Alipio, DGL Edward Banawa, WB Ed Ulindang, VW Fem Calio, VW Warly Sanguila, Vw James Yu, and VW Willington Yee.  VW Fem Calio gave the Masonic Education talk.  We were all warmly but separately, received.  Dinner and fellowship followed at the Philtown Hotel.  WB Raul Cinco, Worshipful Master of LTP 220, proposed their reciprocal visit on November due to hectic schedules.  My deep gratitude for the brethren who supported us in this undertaking.  Thank you.
WB Oscar V. Badelles

- - - - - -

5:00 pm - Opening of Lodge of Master Masons

5:30 pm - Main Business
                Reading & Approval of the Minutes of Last Stated Meeting
                Reading & Approval of Secretary's Financial Report
                Reading & Approval of Treasurer's Report
                Reading of Communications

6:00 pm - Committee Report
                Visit to the Leonardo T. Pañares Lodge No. 220 - Bro. Jaime P. Magnetico, SW
                Membership Development - VW G. Audwin T. Garzon, Secretary

6:20 pm - Masonic Education
                VW Eufemio L. Calio, PDGL
                Topic:  "Peace And Harmony Prevailing"

6:40 pm - Acknowledgement of Visiting Brethren

6:45 pm - Messages / Commentaries Visiting WMs, GLI, DGLs, and DDGM

6:50 pm - Closing of the Lodge

7:00 pm - Fraternal Dinner

- - - - - -

       October 2 (Saturday) @ Oroquieta City  :   Conferral of 4th to 14th degree A&ASR

- - - - - -

Bro. Boyd F. Siao - September 10
Bro. Lowell D. Chiong - September 10
Bro. Mark Stanley K. Siao - September 15
VW Eufemio L. Calio - September 16
Bro. Alberto V. Espejo - September 17
VW Datumanong D. Sarangani - September 17
Bro. Miguel T. Valbuena - September 18
WB Melanio D. Siao - September 19
WB Ferdinand P. Bartolome - September 27
Bro. Rene A. Tan - September 30

- - - - - -
Felicitations also to the love birds of Iligan Lodge on their WEDDING ANNIVERSARY:

VW Edwin & Sis Annie Co - September 8
VW Robert & Sis Joy Co - September 15

- - - - - -
"Personality can open doors, but only character can keep them open." -  Elmer G. Letterman

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