Friday, August 8, 2014

Masonic District RX-D and ARMM (Lanao) First District Convention



8:00 AM         Opening a Lodge of Master Mason (Master Masons only)
                      Stated Meeting of Maranaw Lodge No. 111


9:00 AM         Reception (Public)
                     District Deputy Grand Master and Other District
                               Grand Officers
                        RW Tomas G. Rentoy III, Deputy Grand Master of
                                  Masons in the Jurisdiction of the Philippines
                        Masters of Lodges
                        Hon. Mamintal A. Adion, Jr., Governor of the
                                 Province of Lanao del Sur
                                 Guest of Honor and Speaker
                        Reception of the Philippine National Flag
                        Singing of the Philippine National Anthem
                        Panunumpa sa Watawat ng Pilipinas
                        Singing of the Grand Lodge Hymn

9:30 AM          Formal Opening of the 1st District Convention
                        Message :  RW Tomas G. Rentoy III
                                          Deputy Grand Master of Masons
                        Introduction of Guest Speaker
                                      -  VW Feliciano B. Alagao, DDGM
                        Message :  Hon. Mamintal A. Adion, Jr.
                                          Governor, Province of Lanao del Sur
                        Short Message : VW Conrad Lim, Junior Warden
                                                     Lecturer, Northern Mindanao


10:30 AM        Introductory Remarks on Masonic Education
                                     - VW Eduardo D. Ulindang, PDDGM
                       Exemplification of Lodge Opening (LL No. 227)
                       Exemplification of Lodge Closing (JVVR No. 259)

12:00 PM         Lunch

  1:30 PM         Synthesis and Discussion on the Rites Performed
  3:30 PM         Break/ Snack
  3:45 PM         Nomination of Junior Grand Warden  - District ELECOM
  4:00 PM         Presentation and Approval of Resolutions
                                -  Moderator :  VW Moises Dalisay
  5:00 PM         Closing of the Lodge and Convention  -  DDGM
  5:30 PM         Bowling Fun Tournament at Midtown Bowling Lanes

* * * * * * * *

VW Feliciano B. Alagao              District Deputy Grand Master
VW Ian C. Uy                              District Grand Lecturer
VW Stephen T. Monterroyo         District Grand Lecturer
VW Romulo G. Tapia                  District Grand Lecturer

WI Samual P. Huertas                Grand Lodge Inspector (111)
WI Lester R. Salazar                   Grand Lodge Inspector (207)
WI Omarbasha A. Lucman         Grand Lodge Inspector (243)
WI Alan U. Buenaventura          Grand Lodge Inspector (222)
WI Sadic S. Mohamad               Grand Lodge Inspector (387)
WI James Booc                           Grand Lodge Inspector (259)
WI Mangurun T. Bautil              Grand Lodge Inspector (227)]

Maranaw Lodge 111
   VW Ian C. Uy                         Worshipful Master
   Bro. Tito C. Cabreros             Senior Warden
   WB Ronald U. Sy                   Junior Warden

Iligan Lodge 207
   Bro. Ali M. Bari                     Worshipful Master
   Bro. Pat D. Noel                     Senior Warden
   Bro. Ivan Gerardo Banaag     Junior Warden

Glicerio A. Lim Sr. Memorial Lodge 222
   Bro. Mark Anthony B. Gomez           Worshipful Master
   Bro. Laloy Pajiji                                 Senior Warden
   Bro. timoteo Carwana                        Junior Warden

Lake Lanao Lodge 227
   Bro. Arassad M. Macumbal              Worshipful Master
   Bro. Aga Khan A. Lucman               Senior Warden
   Bro. Omar S. Mohamad                    Junior Warden

Manticao Lodge 243
   Bro. Julius C. De la Cruz                  Worshipful Master
   Bro. Patrickson T. So                        Senior Warden
   Bro. Johnny T. Chen                         Junior Warden

Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge 259
   Bro. Arsenio Q. Mejia                     Worshipful Master
   Bro. Ely Q. Santos, Jr.                     Senior Warden
   Bro. Reynaldo O. Mancia               Junior Warden

Rajah Indarapatra Lodge 387
   Bro. Tago R. Sarip                          Worshipful Master
   Bro. Alexander Dimaporo              Senior Warden
   Bro. Omar M. Macapaar                 Junior Warden


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