Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bulletin and Notice of Meeting July 19, 2014


WB Ali M. Bari
Worshipful Master


Greetings and may the Grand Architect of the Universe bless us and our loved ones with good health.

The first District Convention of Masonic District RX-D and ARMM is scheduled on August 9.  It was agreed that each lodge in the district shall at least register 20 members to this convention.  I appeal to the brethren to support this activity.  The convention shall put some times on the exemplification of the opening and closing of a Master Mason lodge using the amended Monitor.  After the formal activity, the inter lodge Bowling fun games shall follow.  The registration of the brethren is PhP600.00 which will take care of our two snacks and lunch and other materials.  Each lodge shall pay PhP1,000.00 for this bowling activity.

The Secretary is finalizing the Bring-a-Friend program which is scheduled on our stated meeting August 16, 2014.  This will be a district activity and it was the idea of many brethren that all the petitioners of lodges shall attend this activity.

The attendance of the brethren to our stated meeting is a joy to me and I hope that my Iligan Lodge 207 brethren shall continuously support lodge and its programs.

TOGETHER BRETHREN let us make once more Iligan Lodge No. 207 the jewel of the Masonic District!

- - - - - - - -
Agenda for the Stated Meeting July 19, 2014

5:00 PM     Opening a lodge of Master Mason
                   Reading and Approval
                       -  Minutes of last stated meeting
                       -  Secretary Financial Report
                       -  Treasurer Financial Report
                   Reports of Committee
                       -  Sunshine
                       -  Fellowship
                   Masonic Education  -  WB Melche Jamis Caudor, PGLI
                   Balloting of the Petition of Mr. Arturo Alibango
                   Reading of Grand Lodge Edicts/ Circulars
                   Other Communication (Petitions, etc)
                   Recognition of Visiting Brethren
                   Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries
                   Closing the Lodge of Master Mason

- - - -
Petitioners :    Mr. Ricarte Cadalin
                       Mr. Leonides Hidalgo
                       Mr. Arturo Alibango

- - - -
Happy birthday and long life to our brethren :

Bro. Gilbert Betoy    -  July 18

Remembering the birthday of Chapter Master, VW Gerardo Padilla

Happy Anniversary to :

VW Joseph and Sis Mauly Sanguila   -  July 8
VW Joseph and Sis Judith Sanguila   -  July 9
Bro. Dan and Sis Virgie Gonzaga   -  July 12
Bro. Elmer and Sis Bernadette Marcella   -  July 29

- - - - -
“The strength of Freemasonry is in its loyalty to each other.”   
- Vasilios Karpos

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