Monday, March 26, 2012

Iligan Lodge No. 207 Fellowship right after the Installations of Officer

And these are the pictures that showed the fellowship that happened right after the Installation of Officers of Iligan Lodge No. 207.  The venue is just right across lodge at the 2nd floor of the Garcia building.  The venue is just conducive for such activities and does not require the brethren to travel far.  Its a mere walking distance, a stone-throw away.  So right after the formal event, comes the fun and laughter and cheers!

This year's speaker was the speaker last year...but why should he not speak again when the one installed is his own son?  And also, he speaks well and talks good about the fraternity.  Congratulations Bishop Gomez for being kind enough to talk of your visions and aspirations!

I opted not to write down the names of the attendees to give chance to those who knows them to do the honors.  Write it down in the comment box if you so please.  Thanks! :D

A scene before the start of the fellowship program.

The of the busiest spot in the fellowship where everyone gathered to get their drinks and talk.

A photo wall where everyone got their pictures taken.

DeMolays who have become Masons.

With WB Datumanong Saranggani.

Excited and uneasy awaiting for the fellowship to start!

The Youth of today.

Future leaders of tomorrow.  Also, future DeMolays and Jobs Daughters and Rainbows!

Singers who entertained us.

Brothers VW Warly Sanguila and VW Joseph Sanguila.

Joined by their younger brother on the right, Brother Musa Sanguila and IM WB Jaime Magnetico and WB Bambi Cueto.

Children of WM Abel Gomez giving a very special number which made the father very proud.

The youngest child of the WM playing around while her elder siblings sang.

WB Jaime P. Magnetico receiving his Past Masters Jewels given by VW Warlito Sanguila.

Pinning of Past Masters Jewel by Sister Judith Magnetico.

Congratulations WB Jimmy for a job well done!

A beautiful cake given by WB Albert Chiu to the Newly Installed WM H. Abel Gomez!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the newly installed officers of Iligan Lodge No. 207!
Thank you very much to everyone who attended the memorable occasion.
To those who were not around, We Miss You! Hope to see you next time around!

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