Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Iligan Lodge No. 207 Bulletin Vol 1, Issue 1 March 2012

Message from the Worshipful Master - WB H. Abel B. Gomez

     Brethren, the hour is at hand.  We are privilege to be part of the year-long centennial celebration of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines.  We began our journey as the new set of officers for the Masonic Year  took oath of office under my able leadership as Worshipful Master.  Let me thank all of you who witnessed the Installation and Investiture of Officers last February 18, 2012.  Your presence graced the occasion.

     As we move on to our Masonic life, let us not forget the great past that brought us to the present.  We are reminded of great masons like MW Jose Abad Santos whose memorial marker in Malabang needs to be revisited and renovated.  The Tomas Cabili rotunda marker with its obelisk symbol is another site to revisit and uphold.  There are other landmarks that may have been taken for granted and left to waste.  Let us leave our imprints on these sites and show that we remember them not only this centennial year but as part of our history.

     After the devastation left by the wrath of Sendong, let us be one with our fellow brothers in rebuilding our communities.  Let us do our share in contributing to a greener environment.  As Masons and members of the craft, we have the duty not only to ourselves but to our families and fellowmen, our community and our country.

- - - - - -
NOTICE OF STATED MEETING 21 March 2012, Wednesday, 5 PM

5:00 PM  Opening of the Lodge of Master Masons
5:30 PM  Main Business
                 Reading & Approval minutes of last stated meeting
                 Reading & Approval of Secretary's financial report
                 Reading & Approval of Treasurer's Report
                 Reading of Communication
                 Approval of 2012 Budget
6:00 PM  Committee Reports
                 On the Road to CAMSUR 95th Annual Communication
                 Sunshine Com
                 Presentations of proposed Projects for 2012
6:15 PM  Masonic Education - VW Wilfredo Bacareza
6:30 PM  Acknowledgment of visiting Brethren.
6:40 PM  Messages/Commentaries (Visiting WMs, GLIs & DDGM)

- - - - - -
CELEBRANTS for the month of March
March 8 Charles K. Ang
March 11 Abdulhakim R. Mamad
March 14 Ricky James C. Rosalejos
March 15 Augustus Nizami C. Riconalla
March 23 WB Wayne M. Chavit
March 25 VW Sotero Q. Trinidad
March 29 VW Albert T. Chiu
March 31 VW Eduardo D. Ulindang

Happy Anniversary!
March 8 VW Dominic & Sis Shiela Siao
March 29 VW Albert & Sis Girlie Chiu

- - - - - -
"Share what little you have to those of have little or none at all." - Me

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