Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pictures of the Joint Installations of Iligan Lodge No 207 & Manticao Lodge No 243

January 15, 2011 was the date when Iligan Lodge No. 207 and Manticao Lodge No. 243, both found in Iligan City, held their joint installation of officers for the Year 2011 (6011).  The list of the newly installed officers of both lodges can be found in the previous entry of this blog.
The Iligan Lodge No. 207 opened the lodge of Master Mason around 2 o'clock in the afternoon it being our stated meeting.  After the lodge was opened and all other work in the lodge being presented and performed, the lodge was called to recess and opened to the public for the installation of officers.
The installation ceremonies was held at the Ubaldo D. Laya Masonic Center followed by the fellowship at the 7th floor of the Elena Tower Inn.
The pictures below will show how everyone present enjoyed the memorable event.
My Congratulations to both lodges for the successful installation activities.

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