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December 2010 Stated Meeting / Elections / Christmas Party / Lodge Visit of LTP#220

The month of December is one of the busiest month of a lodge.  Not just because of one reason alone but because of various affairs.  One is that it is the last stated meeting that the Worshipful Master will be presiding over, another reason is that it is the election month, another one is that we have scheduled our Christmas Party right after the stated meeting, yet another one which is not the least important is that our sister lodge, the Leonardo T. Pañares Lodge No. 220 visited us and  a representative of their lodge in the person of VW  Teodorico E. Capuyan gave the Masonic Education Talk.

After the talk, the elections for the 2011-2012 Lodge officers was conducted.  Senior Warden Bro. Jaime P. Magnetico was unanimously elected as the next Worshipful Master of Iligan Lodge No. 207.

Junior Warden, Bro. Hilario Abel Gomez was also unanimously elected as Senior Warden of the lodge.  The most surprising though was the close election results for the position of the Junior Warden between Bro. Boyd Siao, our incumbent Treasurer and Bro. Rogelio Nuñeza which Bro. Nuñeza won convincingly.  Bro. Boyd Siao was unanimously elected back to his position as the lodge Treasurer.  VW Audwin Garzon was also unanimously elected as the lodge Secretary.  WB Oscar V. Badelles was also elected as the lodge Auditor.

As the hat is passed by the incumbent officers to the next set of leaders, the fate of the lodge now lies in their hands and it is now in their guidance and leadership and the all-out support of the members of Iligan Lodge No. 207 to steer the lodge to the direction of success in all our endeavors.   Our CONGRATULATIONS to the New Set of Officers of Iligan Lodge No. 207 for the year 2011-2012!

Right after the stated meeting, the Christmas Party and fellowship followed at the UDLMC function hall.  The event was quite successful not just because of the active participation of the members of Iligan Lodge No. 207 but also because of the involvement of the brethren of the Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge No. 259.  It was a joint Christmas Party by both lodges.  Everything was in, gifts, dancing and laughter.  Not to mention the singing and the drinks!

Below are the pictures of the affair documented for everyone to see, to reminisce, to laugh and feel the fun, the joy of the occasion.

Worshipful Master Bro. Oscar V. Badelles on his last day as Master of the lodge listens
to the lodge Secretary, VW Audwin Garzon.

The brethren of Iligan Lodge No. 207 seated on the north side of the lodge as per
instruction of the Master to cast their votes.

VW Steven So, PDDGM and Chairman of the Board of Canvassers officially declares
the winners of the elections.

VW Teodorico E. Capuyan of our sister lodge, Leonardo T. Pañares Lodge No. 220
during his Masonic Education Talk.

Being the Junior Warden then, Senior Warden elect Bro. Abel Gomez hands over a
bouquet of roses with boxes of chocolates to Sister Rose Balacuit, the widow of the
late WB Jimmy Balacuit during our Christmas Party.

Sister Soliva, wife of the late WB Reneriano Soliva, WM of the lodge in 1981 receives
3 stems of roses, a sign of our continued love for her during the gift giving of the widows
of our lodge.

Here she is receiving a small token, a box of chocolates to match the sweetness
of our love and her beauty.  To both Sister Soliva and Sister Balacuit goes our
continued love and affection.

VW Sotero Trinidad shows off his dancing skills to the delight of the brethren
and guests.

Door prizes awaits all while the band continues to play Christmas songs to everyone's delight.

Dancing time brought everyone to the floor!

The unmatched dancing skills of VW Roy Trinidad with his lovely partner, Sister Soliva.

The fun and laughter reflecting in the faces of the people while dancing really made the
Christmas party very special.  Bro. Gomez and Sister Balacuit reflected the occasion.

VW Warly Sanguila, PDDGM receiving his prize from WB Oscar Badelles.  Everyone
got their share for the organizers made sure that everyone will get a gift.  So even our special
guests from our sister lodge in Cagayan de Oro City didn't went home empty handed.

Bro. Manny Salibay of JVVR winning the grand prize...a Microwave Oven!

WB Badelles thanking everyone who attended and graced the occasion and for
making the affair really special for everyone.

Bro. Roger Nuñeza signing the canvass results for the attachments of
the Secretary's report to the Grand Lodge.

When you have real leaders who will not just lead you to greatness but will also lead you
to fun and laughter, how can you fail?

VW Ben Alipio showing his prowess in dancing!

Heavy weights!  WB Ian Uy, Master of 111, WB Dodong Fernandez, Master of 259, 
WB Oscar Badelles, Master of 207, VW Ben Alipio, DDGM and 
VW Audwin Garzon, PDDGM reflecting the fun, fun, fun of the occasion!

VW Ben with his lovely wife Sister Inday joining in the fun and dancing!

- - - - - -
"Only those who dare to fail greatly, can ever achieve greatly." - Robert F. Kennedy


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