Saturday, November 6, 2010


(From the book "My Dear Son" by VW Mabini G. Hernandez, Courtesy of WB Victor G. Mariano, PM, PGLI)

My Dear Son,

Do you know what MASONITIS is?  It is a very peculiar disease which only Masons are susceptible to acquiring.  However, non-Masons may have symptoms only of this illness.  But to have symptoms of and/or afflicted with MASONITIS, the subject-person must have goodness in his heart.

Those whose hearts are not in the right place and those whose moral values are ethically below normal are totally immune from MASONITIS.  This disease is highly communicable to those who believe more in godliness and less in religiosity.

MASONITIS is also habituating.  But unlike addiction to drugs, which is harmful to one's health, those who are psychologically addicted to it are healthy, open-minded, happy, and contented.  They are very active.  They never have a dull moment in life.  Those who die with, but not of, MASONITIS, die happy in the thought they have served God and their fellowmen.  They are contented and fulfilled that if given a chance to live again, they would want to be afflicted with MASONITIS early in life.

Prognosis of MASONITIS shows an abundant desire to learn and to improve one's self, feeling of joy in being of help and service to his fellowmen, more devotion to family and friends; unqualified dedication to duty; optimism and humility are highly developed; lack of appetite for worldly things; weakening desire for sensualities; sharpened memory; slow to anger, quick to forgive; addiction to truth, right and justice very manifest, steadfast and unwavering belief in God evident in thoughts and in deeds.

There is no cure or treatment for MASONITIS.  Even death which many non-Masons usually believe ends all, is only the start of another chapter in the lives of those afflicted with MASONITIS.  It is incurable.  It is so pleasurable that those afflicted with this malady do not wish to be rid of it.  It is so edifying that those with MASONITIS purposely "expose" themselves in their neighborhood, in their offices, in society, and even in government, in the hope that other might be contaminated with the virus of this very gratifying ailment.

How is your MASONITIS, Sonny?  I hope you will release yourself from shyness and continue your share in a silent but eloquent crusade to contaminate good men with this badly needed ailment MASONITIS.

God bless and regards to the family.

With love,

* * * * * *
This is one ailment were every true Mason wants to keep and wants other men to be contaminated with.  To those Masons who plans to influence people of this disease, I sincerely hope that nobody finds a cure for it.  And to those Masons who are susceptible to a cure because they are exposed to uncontaminated environment, my brotherly advice would be to always remember that our first and foremost belief is that Masons are Good Men trying their very best to become Better Men, if not the Best Men!

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"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give." - Sir Winston Churchill

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