Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Junior Warden's Daughter Got Zapped!

By God!  It was Abby's 1st Birthday Celebration and her Christening at the same time.  The proud father, Brother Hilario Abel Gomez organized a party attended by a few church friends, family members and a lone eater (outsider who is not actually related to the family, so I went there to eat...and brought along my lovely wife...and take photos...and wrote this blog...and posted these pictures)...


The candle symbolizing the light of the path towards God, the water
which symbolizes the cleansing of the soul. 

Sacred corner.

Officiating pastor.

The guests...with the proud Grandpa (right).

Some of the guests during the prayers for the newly baptized baby girl, Abby

Cute Abby curious of the camera while her dad, mom and kuyas are
all singing the hymn!

Proud Dad giving baybee Abby one of his
glowing smiles.

And God's words were broadcast in the air for everyone to hear
that this child Abby is in HIS protection.

The proud parents and the God parents.

Abby's energy was passed to her by these proud parents.

And the ritual of baptism is performed on Abby to proclaim
to everyone that she is GOD's precious child.

Baybee Abby dipping her cute little hands on the holy water.

Grand Pa leading the prayers for the blessings of the food.

The 3 Kings or Musketeers 

A pose with Ninang Marlene with Grand Pa at the background.

Hopping around to get acquainted with the rest of the guests of her baptism.

Struggling to grab her Grand Pa here standing beside Lolo Warly.

Baybee Abby grabbing herself a handful!


Party's OVER! wwaaahhhhh!!! I wanna go home!

Baby Abby, May God always protect you and guide you as you make your way to this world.   To our Junior Warden, Brother Abel, the father, May you continue to shower your love ones with abundant love, wealth, attention and not failing to show them the way to our eternal creator.

- - - - - -
"Just as a flower gives out its fragrance to whomsoever approaches or uses it, so love from within us radiates towards everybody and manifests as spontaneous service." - Swami Ramdas

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