Thursday, August 5, 2010

Freemasonry: For Your Information - A HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Around 8 years ago, Iligan Lodge No. 207 led the district in the first Bring A Friend program.  Its intention is to let the people know all about masonry and its work in general, and of the lodges and appendant bodies in the district RD-X and Armm (Lanao) in particular.

The event, scheduled last Saturday, July 31, 2010, started with a registration of all Masons present, all guests, friends and families included.  Everyone then was escorted to the lodge room and seated comfortably by the deacons.  The lodge was opened with a prayer followed by the singing of the national anthem and the lodge hymn.  After the welcome remarks of the Worshipful Master, it went directly to the business of the day.  Lectures followed by another lecture gave the guests a colorful insight of what freemasonry is all about.  After the lectures at the lodge room, everyone was led by the Worshipful Master and the District Deputy Grand Master to the function hall for some refreshments and continuance of some queries.  The pictures below will somewhat give the sequence of the story...

Sisters of the Order of the Eastern Star, led by their 
Worthy Matron Sister Girlie Miguel (extreme right) eagerly
awaits the start of the program.

This picture is one of my favorites because it showed a true
meaning of commitment to the lodge activity: The Charter
Master of Iligan Lodge No. 207, WB Gerardo Padilla (1975)
and the immediate past Worshipful Master, 
WB Eduardo Ulindang (2009).  Of course the present
Worshipful Master of the lodge is presiding the activity.

The brethren and guests standing for the entry of the Philippine flag.

Occupants of the east led by the WM, WB Oscar V. Badelles
of Iligan Lodge No. 207 and the District Deputy Grand Master,
VW Ben Alipio.

Southwest corner of the lodge is almost to the rim with people.

Northwest of the lodge likewise in the same condition.

WB Victor Mariano, PM of Iligan Lodge No. 207 giving the
walk-about the Lodge Room.  Bro. Mariano by the way,
also chaired the event.

The north side of the lodge room as viewed from the west.

WB Ian Uy, WM of Maranaw Lodge No. 111 occupied
the south, while the west was occupied by
WB Dodong Fernandez of JVVR Lodge No. 259.

VW Warlito Sanguila, PDDGM and PM of Iligan Lodge
No. 207 delivering the history of freemasonry entitled
"England to Iligan City" in 15 minutes!
Your imagination is as good as mine!

The north east corner of the lodge was likewise jam-packed
with people.

VW Roy Trinindad, PDDGM and PM of Iligan Lodge No. 207
delivering the "Community Service and Involvement"
portion of Freemasonry, also in 15 minutes.
I really don't know what's with 15 minutes...

VW Warly and the Senior Warden of Iligan Lodge No. 207, 
Brother Jaime Magnetico following the lecture of VW Roy.

This picture is a testimony that everyone inside the lodge room
were all ears to the topics prepared by the speakers.

VW Fem Calio, PDGL, gave a very important topic...the
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which answered majority of
the doubts of the attendees and guided majority of the questions
during the open-forum that followed. 

Brethren from Lake Lanao Lodge No. 227 and
Rajah Indrapatra Lodge No. 387 also graced the occasion
bringing with them their families and guests.  Their presence
gave a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood in the
relationship of Muslims and Christians in our vicinity.

Then the questions during the open-forum started.

WB Vic Mariano acted as moderator.

VW Dicky Castro, PDDGM and PGPursuvant answering
some of the questions thrown by the participants.

Brother Manny Sambilay likewise gave answers to
some questions from the floor.

VW Ben Alipio, District Deputy Grand Master of RD-X
and Armm (Lanao) giving his message before
the program ended.

Sisters of the Order of the Eastern Star posed at their
exhibit area at the function hall during the fellowship.

Members of the Order of the Amaranth, led by the
Royal Patron Brother Ali Bari (left, kneeling)
at their exhibit area.

The working tools of a Master Mason.

The exhibit of the Order of Amaranth.

Some literature brought in by the brethren of show to the
guests of the wide range of materials available in the market
today...if one wants to study about masonry.

Some of the regalia used by the Scottish Rites exhibited at their area.

Another exhibit of the higher bodies.

Exhibit table of the Order of the DeMolay.

Pictures exhibited by different lodges during the fellowship
greatly added to the information that was given to the guests
by just merely viewing them.

Sisters of the Order of the Eastern Star posing in front
of the exhibited pictures, showing their activities and
installation of officers.

And the picture exhibit of Iligan Lodge No. 207
showing some of our lodge activities, brethren
during their travels abroad, etc.

- - - - - -
"Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think." - Benjamin Disraeli



  1. The fire of Masonry is not only glowing, but its burning in Iligan - its flames reaching out to the community... my warmest congratulations to the Masonic district, particularly to Iligan Lodge No. 207 for keeping this flame burning... how I wish I was there to help and witness this event!!!

    My thanks to Bro. Pat for showing these posts.

    God bless us all!!!

    Bro. RL

  2. WB RL,

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It inspires me to do more. Best regards to the family.

    Bro. Pat