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Vision, Mission and Action Plan for Masonic Year 2010

Iligan Lodge No. 207 met last  February 7, 2010 at the residence of WB Oscar V. Badelles to conduct a strategic planning for Masonic Year 2010.  Below are the output of the planning session.


 A model lodge composed of dedicated and respectable men 
who practice the tenets of Freemasonry and committed
to serve the community.


1.  Proficiency in rituals and floor works.
2.  Relevant masonic education.
3.  Good attendance.
4.  Active participation in masonic conventions, etc.
5.  Community service   -  Scholarship Program
                                            Medical Mission
                                            Poverty Alleviation Projects 
                                            Home for Battered Women and 
                                            Food Production


1.  Quality of members
          -   Proficient
          -   Motivated
          -   Highly educated : highly diverse professional, vocational and technical backgrounds
          -   United and cohesive :  tested through time of existence
          -   Friendly and harmonious
          -   Cooperative
          -   Financially stable 
          -   Robust and physically sturdy
2.   Presence of active past masters
3.   Foresight of members
4.   Good performance of floor works
5.   "atik-atik"  -  Pride in its accomplishments


1.  Dilapidated temple
2.  Inadequate sound system
3.  Uncertainty of ownership of building
4.  Security of temple and its premises (thefts have occurred)
5.  Absences to meetings of non-Iligan-based members
6.  Lack of active participation (in the lodge) of members from the military, PNP 
7.  Lack of interest, decorum (texting, etc.), non-attentiveness of members during meetings
8.  Complacency and apathy of some members
9.  Inadequate masonic education and/or orientation of new members
10.  Insufficient knowledge on masonic investigations


1.  Reactivation of inactive members
2.  Tourism potential of the temple.
3.  Make Freemasonry more visible to the community.
3.  "Brother-to-Brother" Program to influence prospect applicants.
4.  Masonic Youth involvement
5.  Lead lodge on masonic protocol development in the district.
6.  Stronger lodge supporting resources development
7.  Linkages/ networking with other lodges outside of Iligan (benchmarking, fund sourcing, sponsorship, partnership on certain projects) 

1.  Dwindling membership participation
2.  Apathy
3.  Financial problems of members
4.  Illnesses
5.  Biases 
6.  Absences
7.  Peace and order condition

Action Plan

Based on the identified Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, the brethren were able to formulate 3 STRATEGIES, namely :

   1.  To enhance membership growth, development and welfare
   2.  To establish an efficient and effective management system 
              (lodge governance)
   3.  To strengthen Iligan Lodge No. 207's development

And to be able to carry out these strategies, certain activities/projects were identified.

1.  To enhance membership growth, development and welfare 
     1.1   Family Bonding
     1.2   Bring-a-Friend
     1.3   Masonic Education
     1.4   Sunshine
     1.5   Health and Fitness
                -    Medical Information 
                -    Medical Mission
                -    Physical Fitness   
                -    Aerobics/ Ballroom Dancing
                -    Walk for your Health
      1.6  Singing
                -     Creation of a Lodge Choir
      1.7  Children's Christmas Party

2.  To establish an efficient and effective management system (lodge governance)
      2.1  Crisis Center (Kalamdagan Foundation)
      2.2  Home for the Aged
      2.3  Bazaar/ Tiangge
      2.4  Food Production
      2.5  Charter Anniversary
      2.6  Past Master's Night
      2.7  "Gimmick" lodge meetings

3.  To strengthen Iligan Lodge No. 207's development
     3.1  Visit to Leonardo T. Panares Lodge No. 220
     3.2  Proficiency Practice
     3.3  Conventions -  MinCon, AnCon, WestMinCon
For details of the Action Plan, please click here.

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"Once in a while, we should take stock and reflect on the sacrifices that the pioneer Masons had to endure that we might enjoy the different democratic freedoms."   -  Ill. Reynaldo S Fajardo, 33o

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