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Message from the East June 17, 2017

Message From The East
WB Alykhan U. Ali
Worshipful Master

"Every self will taste death, you will be paid wages in full on the day of rising" Quran (3:185)

Brethren, definitely all of us will experience death and will travel to that undiscovered country from who's borne no traveler return.

Last May 29, 2017 at 9:30, VW Warlito M. Sanguila has dropped forever his working tools.  Words can not express our sadness, the loss of our mentor, our adviser, our secretary.  The lodge now is in grief and I personally fell lost but life must move on.  The lodge must go forward and continue the masonic teaching which VW Warly would want us to do.  May the comfort of the Great Architect of the Universe help us and the family through this difficult time.

Difficult time indeed, Martial Law was declared on our land last May 23, 2017 because of the terror attack at Marawi City and fighting is still going on.  Many of our brethren were affected by this crisis as a member of the Masonic Family and because of brotherly love, the four lodges of our district namely Iligan Lodge 207, Maranao Lodge 111, Mantical Lodge 243 and JVVR 259 with the help of VW Allan Buenaventura, VW Ian Uy, WB Cesar Miguel, WB Ivan Banaag, WB Pat Noel, Bro Aitor Gonzales, Bro John Sanguila and Bro Ted Bryan Yu have formed Lanao Masonic Relief Center.  The aim is to aid and assist all distress brothers who are affected by the crisis.  Our District Deputy Grand Master VW Omar Basha Lucman is actively and tirelessly helping to generate funds for this cause.

Due to this crisis in Marawi City and for security reason, we postponed our distribution of school supplies in Rogongon elementary (Grade 1) and hopefully we can come up for another activity in order to help the students in this far flung area.

I regret to say that I will not be able to attend  on our stated meeting this June 17, 2017.  I have to travel to Manila to attend to some duty matters.  Bro SW Khaliq Macabato will preside as Master during my absence.

This coming July activity we will confer the second degree of Masonry upon Bro Kent Garzon, and honor our Past Master.

Brethren, May the blessings of heaven rest upon us!

- - - - - -
June 17, 2017
4:00 PM

4:00 PM  Opening of the Lodge of Master Mason
                Presentation of the National Flag
                Reading and Approval
                     *  Minutes of last stated meeting
                     *  Secretary's Financial Report
                     *  Treasurer's Financial Report
                Reports of Committees
                     *  Sunshine
                     *  Fellowship
                Masonic Education Speaker
                     VW Joseph M. Sanguila, Jr.
                Reading of Grand Lodge Edicts/Circulars
                Other Communications (Petitions, etc.)
                Recognition of Visiting Brethren
                Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries
                Closing the Lodge of Master Mason

- - - - - -

12  Bro. Khaliquzzaman M. Macabato
15  Bro. Sandy U. Sy
18  VW Angelo Rentoy

- - - - - -
02  WB Melanio and Sis Annabelle Siao
05  Bro Arthur and Sis Liza Padilla
09  VW Jaime and Sis Judith Magnetico
13  VW Ali and Sis Haydee Bari
19  VW Sotero and Sis Sol Trinidad
25  Bro Antonio and Sis Connie Bartolome

- - - - - -
"Always do right.  This will gratify some people, and astonish the rest." - 
Bro. Samuel L. Clemens AKA Mark Twain

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