Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2017 Multi-Lodge Installation Ceremony and Investiture of the Lodge Officers

2017 Multi-Lodge Installation Ceremony and Investiture of the Lodge Officers

Masonic Year 6017-6018 (2017-2018 AD)
Elena Tower, Tibanga,Iligan City
March 18, 2017  3:00 PM

Maranaw Lodge No. 111
Iligan Lodge No. 207
Manticao Lodge No. 243
Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge No. 259
Installing Officer

Grand Master
The Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the Philippines
Guest Speaker

The Three Lights 

Maranaw Lodge No. 111
    Worshipful Master   :    Bro. Jerome Chiong Cañete
    Senior Warden        :    Bro. Marloe Caroro Ong
    Junior Warden         :    Bro. Clealan A. Catipay

Iligan Lodge No. 207  
    Worshipful Master   :    Bro. Alykhan Umpa Ali
    Senior Warden        :    Bro. Khaliquzzaman Marohombsar Macabato
    Junior Warden         :    Bro. Carl P. Garzon

Manticao Lodge No. 243
    Worshipful Master   :    Bro. Eduardo Empleo Suello
    Senior Warden        :    Bro. David G. Ditucalan
    Junior Warden         :    Bro. Cesar V. Sanchez

Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge No. 259
    Worshipful Master   :    Bro. Rabin M. Arumpac
    Senior Warden        :    Bro. Misangcad B. Minaga
    Junior Warden         :    Bro. Jed Mel A. Montesclaros

P R O G R A M M E 

8:30 am   Opening of the Lodge (Tyled)
               Ubaldo D.Laya Masonic Center
               Pala-o, Iligan City

3:00 pm   Multi-Lodge Installation Ceremony 
               Elena Tower Inn Grand Ballroom
               Tibanga, Iligan City

     -  Reception of the District Deputy Grand Master, VW Alan U. Buenaventura and Party
     -  Reception of the Installing Officer, Master of Ceremonies and Assistant Master of Ceremonies
     -  Reception of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines, MWGM Voltaire T. Gazmin and Party
     -  Reception of the National Flag
     -  Salute to the Flag by WB Guiseppe M. Tianco
     -  Singing of the National Anthem/Panunumpa sa Watawat ng Pilipinas
     -  Singing of the Grand Lodge Hymm

Installation Ceremony
   Installing Officer                              VW Stephen T. Monterroyo, PDGL
   Master of Ceremonies                     WB Lester R. Salazar, PGLI
   Asst. Master of Ceremonies            WB Pat. D. Noel, GLI
Delivery of Ancient Charges               VW Eduardo D.Ulindang, PDDGM

Presentation of the Past 
    Masters Jewel,  Presented by         VW Warlito M. Sanguila, PDDGM

Acceptance Speech by Recipient Past Masters of the Four Lodges              

Message from the Grand Lodge          Grand Master Voltaire T. Gazmin

Closing of the Lodge


6:30 pm  Inaugural Dinner and Fellowship         

Invocation                                   VW Rodolfo B. Montalban, PDGL

Philippine National Anthem          Ms. Amana Suello

Welcome Remarks                      Br. Dave Q. Ditucalan
                                                  Senior Warden, Manticao Lodge No. 243

Prayer  ...  Dinner   ....   Dinner

Entertainment Number                IMCC Kapagintaw Band
                                                  Iligan Medical Center College

Introduction of Guest and           Bro. Khaliquzzaman M. Macabato
    Visiting Brethren                     Senior Warden, Iligan Lodge No. 207

Inaugural Address(es)                Bro. Jerome Chiong Cañete
                                                 Worshipful Master, Maranaw Lodge No. 111
                                                 Bro. Alykhan Umpa Ali
                                                 Worshipful Master, Iligan Lodge No. 207
                                                 Bro. Eduardo Empleo Suello
                                                 Worshipful Master, Manticao Lodge No. 243
                                                 Bro. Rabin Maagad Arumpac
                                                 Worshipful Master, Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge No. 259

Entertainment Number              IMCC Kapagintaw Band
                                                Iligan Medical Center College

Introduction of the Guest          VW Alan U. Buenaventura, DDGM

Guest Speaker                         MWGM Voltaire T. Gazmin

Seven Toast                             VW Warlito M. Sanguila, PDDGM
                                                Secretary, Iligan Lodge No. 207

Presentation of Token              WB Cesar T. Miguel, PGLI
                                                Secretary, Maranaw Lodge No. 111

Closing Remarks                     Bro. Jed Mel A. Montesclaros
                                               Junior Warden, Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge No. 259

Fellowship .... Dance .....

Fellowship Master of Ceremonies      VW Eufemio L. Calio, PDGL

- - - - - - - - - - -
"If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world, it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature." -Bruce Barton



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