Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bulletin and Summon of Stated Meeting August 15, 2015


WB Pat D. Noel
Worshipful Master 

Brethren, I would like to thank everyone who registered for the 2nd Masonic District Convention.  It was a very successful event. Relating to this, I would like to apologize to the brethren and to the district though that I was not able to finish the affair as I was not feeling well.  Kudos to VW Ian Uy and to the District Grand  Lecturers,  and to all the lodges of the district who exerted efforts in assuring the success of the event.  It was reported that the  bowling event brought nothing else to the brethren but fun, fun, fun.  And the fellowship that followed at the Hangout was awesome.  Thanks to Bro. Khaliquzzaman Macabato for the      sponsorship of the snack…Shirogi pan de sal rocks!  To Mr. Benjohnson Siao, through Bro. Boyd Siao, for the lechon during dinner. 

For upcoming events, our IPM WB Ali Bari is preparing for the   ongoing greening program which does not need further backgrounder.  Hopefully, we will continue to support the greening program not just of the Grand Lodge but of the entire country.  

During our last stated meeting, we were surprised and thankful of the presence of some brethren whom we have not seen for quite some time due to unavoidable reasons.  WBro. Lowell Chiong who is now based in the United States of America; and, Bro. Marlon Yu, a brother who works onboard an oil tanker. 

For this month, we will be passing Bro. Ted Yu and Bro. John Yasser Sanguila.  We’re looking forward to the active participation of our new addition to our beloved lodge.  Again, thank you very much to the brethren who responded to the team that will compose the 2nd degree rituals.  

For the success of our beloved Iligan Lodge No. 207, we should continue to work in harmony, camaraderie and Love.  


- - - - - -
Agenda of the Stated  Meeting  

5:00 PM    Opening a Lodge of Master Mason  

                   Reading and Approval
                       -  Minutes of Last Stated Meeting
                       -  Secretary’s Financial Report
                       -  Treasurer’s Financial Report

                    Reports of Committees
                       -  Sunshine
                       -  Fellowship
                       -  Green Program (WB Ali Bari)
                    Masonic Education        
                    Reading of Grand Lodge Edicts/Circulars
                    Other Communications (Petitions, etc)
                    Recognition of Visiting Brethren
                    Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries  

- - - - - - -
Conferral Team for the Passing of Mr. Ted Bryan K. Yu and John Yasser T. Sanguila 

Worshipful Master               -  Bro. Ivan Gerardo J. Banaag 
Senior Warden                    -  WB Pat D. Noel
Junior Warden                     -  Bro. Alykhan U. Ali
Secretary                             -  VW Warlito M. Sanguila, PDDGM
Treasurer                             -  WB Jaime P. Magnetico, PGLI
Marshal                               -  Bro. Ian Justin P. Sagario
Senior Deacon                     -  Bro. Rabin M. Arumpac
Junior Deacon                      -  Bro. Carl Irwin P. Garzon
Chaplain                              -  WB Hilario Abel B. Gomez, PGLI
Senior Steward                    -  Bro. Beethoven L. Sales
Junior Steward                     -  Bro. Misangcad B. Minaga
Tyler                                     -  VW Edwin S. Co, PDDGM
Custodian of Works              -  WB Victor G. Mariano, PM
Working Tools                      -  Bro. Carl Irwin P. Garzon
Lecture/SD (2nd Section)      -  VW Genesis G. Calit, PDGL
Charge                                  -  VW Eduardo D. Ulindang, PDDGM

- - - - - - - 

Mr. Ricarte Cadalin                                Mr. Leonidas Hidalgo 
Mr. Arturo Alibango                               Mr. Sotero M. Jala, Jr. 
Mr. Maclin Lanto                                    Mr. Lee Michael Caballes 
Mr. Nocolai G. Tenazas                          Mr. Alyassar Saudi S. Sulog   
Mr. Kent Algino Garzon                         Mr. Raymundo Riel Rugay  
Mr. Haroun Al-Jalani P. Sanguila               

- - - - - -
Happy Birthday to August Celebrants :

     VW Jose Montejo, Jr.                 Aug  7
     Bro. Rainato Sy                          Aug 11
     VW Dominic Siao, PSGS           Aug 30
- - - - - -
“Work and live to serve others, to leave the world a little better than you found it and garner for yourself as much peace of mind as you can. THIS IS HAPPINESS.” -Bro. David Sarnoff 


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