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Bulletin and Summon of Stated Meeting June 20, 2015


WB Pat D. Noel
Worshipful Master 

Brethren, the month of June is a month of great meaning… it is the month of our independence as a country and a month when Iligan became a city.

Our beloved city celebrates yearly the Grand Triple Day kicking off on May 28 – the National Flag Day, followed by the Philippine   Independence Day on June 12 and culminating on Iligan’s Charter Day – June 16.  And as Freemasons, we have always been proud of the Masonic fraternity’s contribution to our emancipation from the cruelty that we experienced for more than 300 years.  It is but a small contribution now that we attend in the commemoration of the country’s independence.

I’d like to make mention that it makes me proud to say that the members of the International Order of DeMolay, Tomas L. Cabili Chapter led by its Master Councilor Brother DeMolay Jorge Agnila donated the Philippine Flag which was raised during the flag raising ceremony last May 28 on the occasion of our Philippine National Flag Day.  Patriotism is one of their seven cardinal virtues. 

Thank you JW Bro. Alykhan Ali for handling the Family Day held at Taytay Swimming Pool last May 30, 2015.  In attendance were the brethren together with their respective family : JW Alykhan, SW Ivan Banaag, IPM WB Ali Bari, Bro. Treasurer WB Jaime Magnetico, Bro. Beethoven Sales, who came all the way from Cagayan de Oro City; and, Bro. Ijay Sagario, who also came all the way from his camp in Kauswagan.  We missed the rest of our brethren who were caught up with their previous appointments and other commitments.  Hopefully we can do this at least another time before the end of the year. 

Prior to all these, last May 20, 2015, we attended the GLP TGR Workshop Seminar held in Cagayan de Oro City at MUST from 8:00 o’clock in the morning to 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon.   The seminar was compulsory for all WMs, SWs, JWs, Secretaries and GLI’s to take up the Edicts which was signed by our Grand Master of Masons, MW Tomas G. Rentoy during the 2015 Ancom held at Legazpi City.  Except for our Grand Lodge Inspector, VW Stephen Monterroyo, our lodge was well represented. 

And last but definitely not the least, during our last stated meeting held May 16, we balloted 5 petitioners.  We have proudly favored two in the person of Mr. Bryan Ted K. Yu and Mr. John Yasser T. Sanguila.  Congratulations to all of us!  We will be initiating them on our stated meeting come June 20, 2015.  The lodge of Master Masons will open at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  

Brethren, with all the activities that we have undertaken, let us continue to support our beloved lodge, Iligan Lodge No. 207 most specially with our upcoming labors.  Be present!  Be counted!  Be active!  


- - - - - - - - - - - - 
Agenda of the Stated Meeting

1:00 PM       Opening a Lodge of Master Mason  
                  Opening a Lodge of Entered Apprentice Mason   
                      - Conferral of First Degree 

                   Reading and Approval  
                      -  Minutes of Last Stated Meeting 
                      -  Secretary’s Financial Report 
                      -  Treasurer’s Financial Report 

                  Reports of Committees  
                      -  Sunshine 
                      -  Fellowship  

                   Masonic Education :  VW Eufemio Callo 
                   Reading of Grand Lodge Edicts/Circulars  
                   Other Communications (Petitions, etc)  
                   Recognition of Visiting Brethren 
                   Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries

                  Closing the Lodge of Master Mason      

- - - - - - - - -
Initiation of Mr.  Bryan Ted K. Yu
and Mr. John Yasser T. Sanguila
Worshipful Master            Bro. Alykhan Ali 
Senior Warden                 Bro. Ivan Banaag 
Junior Warden                 WB Pat Noel
Secretary                         VW Warlito Sanguila
Treasurer                         WB Jaime Magnetico
Senior Deacon                 WB Abel Gomez
Junior Deacon                  Bro. Carl Garzon
Marshall                           Bro. Ijay Sagario
Senior Steward                Bro. Stanley Siao
Junior Steward                 Bro. Beethoven Sales
Lampskin Apron              Bro. Ijay Sagario
Working Tools                 Bro. Carl Garzon
Lecturer                          VW Stephen Monterroyo 
Charge                            VW Eduardo Ulindang 

- - - - - - - - - - 
Petitioners : 

Mr. Ricarte Cadalin                         Mr. Leonidas Hidalgo 
Mr. Arturo Alibango                               Mr. Sotero M. Jala, Jr.
Mr. Maclin Lanto                                    Mr. Lee Michael Caballes
Mr. Nocolai G. Tenazas                          Mr. Alyassar Saudi S. Sulog
Mr. Kent Algino Garzon                          Mr. Raymundo Riel Rugay
Mr. Haroun Al-Jalani P. Sanguila                

- - - - - - - - - -
Happy Birthday to June Celebrants : 

        Jun 12     Khaliquzzaman Macabato 
        Jun 15     Sandy U. Sy
        Jun 18     Angelo Rentoy    
Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary 
       WB Robert and Sis Josie Padilla                   June 1
       WB Melanio and Sis Annabelle Siao              June 2
       Bro. Arthure and Sis Liza Padilla                  June 5
       WB Jaime and Sis Judith Magnetico            June 9
       Bro. Ali and Sis Hayde Bari                         June 13
       VW Sotero and Sis Sol Trinidad                   June 19
       Bro. Antonio and Sis Connie Bartolome       June 25

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