Friday, April 11, 2014

Bulletin and Summon of Regular Stated Meeting (By Dispensation) & Balloting on the Petition of Mr. Ricarte Cadalin April 11, 2014, 5:30 pm

Message from the East

WB Ali M. Bari
Worshipful Master


Greetings and May the Grand Architect of the Universe bless us and our loved ones wit good health. 

Our last meeting (March 19, 2014) was a surprised to many of us in Iligan City.  We invited the Brigade Commander of the 2nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade based in Brgy. Maria Cristina, Iligan City, Col. DEMY T. TEJARES who gave the brethren present in that meeting the peace program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines known as the "Balikatan Program" and the peace and security situation of Iligan City and Lanao del Norte.  It was good to hear from him, instead of listening to many speculative talks around us.

 During the Masonic Education with Guest Speaker Col. Demy Tejares

 After the delivery of the Masonic Education.  A pose for photo souvenir.

We moved our Charter Day and Past Masters' night to our stated meeting on May, 2014.  This is basically because the celebration of the Holy Week and the incoming 2014 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines in Manila.  We plan to bring back the Ceremony of the Seven Toasts and hope to invite a good speaker for that celebration.

WB Victor G. Mariano, PM our energetic mentor again proposed to invite our long lost brethren to an opening of a lodge of Rusty Nail.  He suggested that VW Warly Sanguila rewrite the ceremony to make it attuned to our time.

Brethren, there are many plan of activities we hope to do this year which will eventually bring back many of our brethren back to our lodge and the masonic family.  We need your presence in our caucus to discuss our plans and programs.

TOGETHER BRETHREN let us make once more Iligan Lodge No. 207 the jewel of the Masonic District!

- - - - - -
April 11, 2014

5:00 p.m. - Opening a lodge of Master Mason
                   Reading and Approval
                         * Minutes of last stated meeting
                         * Secretary's Financial Report
                         * Treasurer's Financial Report
                    Reports of Committees
                         * ANCOM Committee
                         * Fellowship
                    Masonic Education - VW Eduardo D. Ulindang, DDGM
                    Balloting of the Petition of Mr. Ricarte Cadalin
                    Reading of Grand Lodge Edicts/Circulars
                    Other Communication (Petitions, etc.)
                    Miscellaneous and Unfinished Business
                    Recognition of visiting Brethren
                    Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries
                    Closing the Lodge of Master Mason

- - - - - -

Mr. Ricarte Cadalin, Mr. Leonidas Hidalgo and Mr. Arturo Alibanga

- - - - - -
Tyler's Notice:

Please observe Lodge Hall Protocol during meetings and please pay your 2014 Annual Dues and Arrears

- - - - - - 

April 6  - Bro. Pat D. Noel
April 7  - WB Ike Gaite
April 9  - Bro. Richard Lim
April 12 - Bro. Pelagio Cruz
April 20 - WB Oscar V. Badelles
               - Bro. Zaldy Geonzon
April 28  - Bro. Genesis Olandag

- - - - - -
"...and with reverence, study and obey thy laws which thou has given us through thy Holy Word..." - closing prayers

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