Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 20, 2013 Bulletin and Notice of Stated Meeting

(From the Oriental Chair 
 WB Rogelio C. Nuñeza, Worshipful Master)

In our last stated meeting on June 15, 2013, Bro. Anthony Cañete passed the second degree of Masonry (Fellow craft).  I would like to extend my congratulations to Bro. Ali Bari, our Senior Warden, and other brethren on a job well done.

For Iliganons, the month of June is always highlighted by a parade around the city on Independence Day, June 12th and on the Araw ng Iligan, June 16th.  In this context, I would like to express my profound thanks and gratitude to those brethren who joined the said activities.  Let us continue supporting our team "Iligan Lodge-207".

The 3rd of July 2013 was a very sad moment in the history of our lodge because one of the pillars of masonry in our jurisdiction, the Very Worshipful Henry B. Padilla, the charter master of our lodge, dropped his working tools.  We will no longer see him in our meetings but the good memories that he shared with us will be forever in our hearts.  As I like to say, "old masons never die, they only fade away".  Our deepest sympathy to the Padilla family.

On a lighter note, it's very easy to look for Filipino brethren whenever I travel abroad since they have common trademarks such as caps, shirts and belts with Masonic emblem.   When you ask them for their lodge number, they are quick to answer but tend to forget who their worshipful master is.  Does this mean that these brethren have been absent for too long from lodge meetings or lost touch with their Masonic roots?

See you in our stated meeting brethren...

- - - - - - -


1:30pm    Opening of a Lodge of Master Masons
2:00pm    Conferral of the Fellow Craft Degree upon Bro Karl Erwin P. Garzon
        Second Degree Conferral Team
Worshipful Master      Bro. Ali M. Bari
Senior Warden            WB Rogelio C. Nuñeza
Junior Warden            Bro. Pat D. Noel
Senior Deacon
    (1st Section)           WB Lino Ratunil, PM
    (2nd Section)         WB Genesis G. Calit, PM
Junior Deacon           Bro. Ivan J. Banaag
Marshal                     Bro. Rabin R. Arumpac
Senior Steward          Bro. Loyd Jose C. Aguilar
Junior Steward          Bro. Ian Justin Sagario
Working Tools          Bro. Anthony C. Cañete
Treasurer                   Bro. Sandy U. Sy
Secretary                   VW Warlito M. Sanguila, PDDGM
Chaplain                    VW Sotero Q. Trinidad, PDDGM
Tyler                          WB Jaime P. Magnetico, PM
Proficiency               VW Warlito M. Sanguila, PDDGM
Degree Charge         VW Eduardo D. Ulindang, DDGM

5:00pm    Stated Meeting
  • Presentation of the Philippine Flag
  • Reading of Minutes of Previous Meeting
  • Reading of Financial Report of Secretary
  • Reading of Financial Report of Treasurer
      Main Business
  •  Reading of Edicts, Circulars, etc.
  • Committee Reports
          -  Sunshine
          -  Community   
  • Masonic Education  - VW Eufemio I. Calio, PDGI
  • Recognition of Visiting Brethren by the SD
  • Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries
  • Retirement of the Philippine National Flag
  • Closing of the Lodge
7:00pm   Fellowship Dinner, UDL Masonic Center Social Hall

- - - - - - - -  -
Happy Birthday !!!!
    July 18  -  Bro. Gilbert Betoy

Happy Anniversary !!!!
    July 8    -  VW Joseph & Sis Mauling Sanguila
    July 9    -  VW Joseph & Sis Judit Sanguila
    July 12  -  Bro. Danilo & Sis Virgie Gonzaga
    July 29  -  Bro. Elmer & Sis Bernadeth Marcella

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-  Mark Twain

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