Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 15, 2013 Bulletin and Summon of Meeting

Stated Meeting and Passing of Bro. Karl Irwin P. Garzon and Bro. Anthony Cañete, June 15, 2013, Saturday @ 1:30 p.m.

Message From The East

Brethren, during the last stated meeting on May 18, 2013, two petitioners, Brothers Karl Irwin P. Garzon and Anthony C. Cañete were initiated into Masonry.  Hopefully, they will make it as Master Mason this year.  In this connection, I would like to congratulate the labors of Bro. Pat D. Noel, Junior Warden and all the members of the team for a job well done.

Last Sunday, May 19, 2013 was our family day.  My thanks and personal gratitude of the lodges for their planning and preparation and the brethren who shared their time and financial support that made the occasion a success.

On the lighter side, last May 22, 2013, I traveled to Canada and saw the beautiful and natural wonder of Niagara Falls.  But the most important part of the trip was visit to the 1860 Masonic Lodge Room of the Heritage Lodge 730, A. F. & A. M.  GRC at the Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where I met WB Mike Ikonomidis, about 80 years old and still very active.  He must be a linguist for he is the assigned interpreter of the lodge.  I was fascinated by the lodge motto "happy to meet - sorry to part - happy to meet again."  On this note my brethren, let me say I am happy to meet you all again during our stated meeting.

- - - - - -
For the month of JUNE, we greet the 


June 12 - Bro. Khaliquzzaman Macabato
June 15 - Bro. Sandy U. Sy
June 17 - VW Salvador Ll. Laya
June 18 - VW Angelo Rentoy

and also


June 1 - Bro. Robert & Sis Josie Padilla
June 2 - Bro. Melanio & Sis Annabelle Siao
June 5 - Bro. Arthur & Sis Liza Padilla
June 9 - WB Jaime & Sis Judith Magnetico
June 13 - Bro Ali and Sis Heide Bari
June 19 - VW Sotero & Sis Sol Trinidad
June 25 - Bro. Antonio & Sis Connie Bartolome

- - - - - -

1:30 pm - Opening of a Lodge of Master Masons
2:00 pm - Conferral of the Fellow Craft Degree upon
                 Bro. Karl Irwin P. Garzon
                 Bro. Anthony Cañete
5:00 pm - Stated Meeting
                 *  Presentation of the Philippine Flag
                 *  Reading of Minutes of previous meeting
                 *  Reading of Financial Report of Secretary
                 *  Reading of Financial Report of Treasurer

                 Main Business

                 *  Reading of Edicts, Circulars, etc.
                 *  Committee Report
                     *  Family Day
                     *  Sunshine
                     *  Sports
                     *  Community
                  *  Masonic Education
                      -  VW Jorge Paderanga, Jr. DGL
                  *  Recognition of Visiting Brethren by the SD
                  *  Commentaries of Visiting Dignitaries
                  *  Retirement of the Philippine National Flag
                  *  Closing of the Lodge

7:00 pm - Fellowship Dinner, UDL Masonic Center Social Hall

- - - - - -
"Harmony is the Strength of our Lodge." - Iligan Lodge No. 207 motto

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