Saturday, January 19, 2013

Iligan Lodge No. 207 Bulletin January 2013

Message from the Worshipful Master, WB Hilario Abel B. Gomez

"Out with the Old or not so Old"

This important saying rings true to life and everything in it:  personal life, professional life, etc.  The obstacles and experiences of the past are lessons to be learned and not to be repeated.  Even the lows and the very lows of events were meant to be understood.

Guidance and prayers are important markers in battling these events.  We can draw strength and inspiration from these most especially the friends, love ones, and family are all too important.

"In with new"

A new chapter is at hand in our beloved Iligan Lodge 207, new leaderships, new direction, and new goals.  We members stand together in making the year prosperous, active, and fun for all. 

Before I end this message.

In behalf of the brethren of Iligan Lodge 207, we say farewell to one of the pillars of this Lodge a Brother who stood the test of time, our sweet 16th  Worshipful Master, who sadly battled a lingering disease only to show to all that he has strength to face it and still can give a smile and laugh when tease.

Farewell WB Mervin, you are now in our Heavenly Father's place.  A place where Peace, and Love abound.  We will missed you.

- - - - - - - - - - 


*  Opening of the Lodge of Master Masons                                       5:00 PM
*  Reading & Approval                                                                      5:15 PM
           Minutes of the last Stated Meeting
           Secretary's Financial Report
           Treasurer's Report
*  Communications
*  Committee Reports 
           The Road to AnnCom 2013
           2013 Iligan Lodge 207 Investiture & Installation of Officers
*  Masonic Education Speaker:
*  Other Agenda/Worshipful Master's Time
*  Recognition
                             Visiting Brethren, Birthday and Anniversary Celebrants
*  Messages/Commentaries (Visiting WMs, GLI's & DDGM)
*  Closing of the Lodge                                                                                   6:40 PM
*  Fellowship Dinner                                                                                       7:00 PM
- - - - - -
10  -  Bro. Renato Bontol
         Bro. Ali Bari
14  -  Bro. Jason Lim
16  -  WB Rogelio Remollo
17  -  WB  Rolando Layumas
28  -  VW Warlito Sanguila
29  -  VW Joseph Sanguila
30  -  VW Ronald Sy
- - - - - -
10   -  WB Oskie & Sis Belinda
18   -  WB Ike & Sis Grace
- - - - - - - 
"May your new year be prosperous and fun with loving family and friends around."

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