Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Iligan Lodge Bulletin Stated Meeting November 2012

(Note:  My apologies for missing the October bulletin posting.  I was out of the country with no access to the internet. :( I'll do better next time.)

Message From The Worshipful Master...WB Hilario Abel B. Gomez

Charity In Freemasonry

"Charge in the North-East" as we Masons know, is a testimonial to the importance of Charity, driven home to a candidate, addressed during the ceremony of initiation, when he joins Freemasonry.  Even while conducting ceremonies of superior degrees the candidates are informed from lessons in the ritual manuals, about the importance of charity.  That also proves why Charity is an inseparable aspect of Masonry and how everyone should make others also to practice this unique virtue.  Masons should remember that it is Freemasonry that teaches its members to practice charity right from the day a candidate is initiated.  Our lodges always carry a special item in its summons "To honor the cause of Charity".

Charles Dickens - the famous novelist said, "Charity begins at Home and goes to next door."  We as Freemasons are proud of the fact that charity begins from the heart of a Freemason and goes to many doors for all living beings, who derive benefit from the donations in cash or kind.  One of the charges in the craft manual confirms that this act of benevolence blesses the donor and the recipient alike.  A donor should not have expectations for publicity but continue practicing this virtue wholeheartedly which does repay in one's own lifetime in some form or the other and that fills the heart with joy for God looketh at the heart.

Robert Farley - a poet, in his collections says, "Charity is a blessing - chance to serve others.  Think of the service you may render, not of serving self alone;  think of happiness of others and in this you will find your own!"

(excerpts from The Importance of Charity in Freemasonry by WB Vijay Kummar Gauhar)

- - - - - -

*  Opening of the Lodge of Master Mason  -  5:00 PM
*  Reading & Approval
       *  Minutes of the last Stated Meeting
       *  Secretary's Financial Report
       *  Treasurer's Report
*  Communications
*  Committee Reports
       *  LT Panares Lodge visitation
       *  The Road to Ancom 2013
       *  December Family Bonding & X'mas Party
*  Balloting Petitioner Anthony Canete & Carl Garzon
*  Masonic Education - Speaker:  Bro. Pat Noel
*  Other Agenda / Worshipful Master's Time
*  Recognition
        Visiting Brethren, Birthday and Anniversary Celebrants
*  Messages / Commentaries (Visiting WMs, GLIs & DDGM)
*  Closing of the Lodge  - 6:40 PM
*  Fellowship Dinner  -  7:00 PM

- - - - - -

3  - WB Camar Umpa
11  -  Bro Aurelio Dacalos
          VW Victor Mariano
14  -  VW Henry Dy
27  -  Bro Cristio Denopol
29  -  Bro Aaron Fetalvero
30  -  VW Ronnie Albulario

- - - - - -

17  -  WB Alvin & Sis Jackie Bacolod

- - - - - -
"...And now abideth, Faith, Hope and Charity.  But the greatest of these is Charity." - excerpt from the perambulation of the Fellowcraft Mason.

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