Saturday, June 16, 2012

Iligan Lodge No. 207 Bulletin, June 2012 Vol. 1, Issue 4

Message from the Worshipful Master

"...Cuando te ofenden, porti morir"

The flames of nationalism and patriotism shine brightly in this month's celebration of Independence.  Our nation was "hewn, squared, marked and numbered..." by leaders both Masons and non-Masons.  The revolution for freedom, for a better Philippines still holds true today.  Building a nation is, indeed, a never-ending process.

Heroes in all aspect of the word, we celebrate...we remember...we need.

Our participation in the ceremonies and pageantry of our Independence Day is a part of our Masonic obligation.  It is our obligation to uphold what our forefathers in nation building have started, not forgetting their sacrifices, their writings, and deeds.  Laying one's life for the country is but the greatest sacrifice a patriot can offer.  This might be a tall order but the significance and reaction of it will forever echo in history.  Let history be the judge of our actions today.

Before this month of June ends, be it our personal commitment to share our Masonic tenets of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

- - - - - -
Notice of  Stated Meeting 16 June 2012, Saturday, 5 PM

1      PM     Opening of the Lodge of Master Masons
1:30 PM     Conferral of the 3rd degree of Masonry to Bro. Ivan Banaag
5      PM     Main Business
                     Reading & Approval of minutes of last stated meeting
                     Reading & Approval of Secretary's financial report
                     Reading & Approval of Treasurer's report
                     Reading of Communication
6       PM    Committee Reports
                     Project Committees
6:05  PM    Masonic Education - WM H. Abel B. Gomez
6:30  PM    Acknowledgment of visiting Brethren
6:40  PM    Messages/Commentaries (Visiting WMs, GLIs & DDGM)
6:50  PM    Closing of the Lodge

- - - - - -
3rd Degree Conferral Team
1st Section
     Worshipful Master - WM H. Abel B. Gomez
     Senior Warden - Bro. Roger C. Nuneza
      Junior Warden - Bro. Ali M. Bari
     Senior Deacon - Bro. Nizami C. Riconalla
      Junior Deacon - Bro. Alikhan U. Ali
      Senior Steward - Bro. Lloyd C. Aguilar
      Junior Steward - Bro. Pat D. Noel
      Treasurer - Bro. Sandy U. Sy
      Secretary - VW Warlito M. Sanguila
      Marshall - Bro. Renato A. Tan
      Chaplain - WB Oscar V. Badelles

2nd Section
      King Solomon - VW Eufemio L. Calio
      Hiram of Tyre - WB H. Abel B. Gomez
      Senior Deacon - VW Joseph M. Sanguila
      Jubelo - Bro. Lloyd C. Aguilar
      Jubela - WB Ronald U. Sy
      Jubelom - VW Warlito M. Sanguila
      Seafaring/Wayfaring Man - WB Jaime P. Magnetico
      Fellowcraft 1 - Bro. Nizami C. Riconalla
      Fellowcraft 2 - Bro. Abdulhakim R. Mamad
      Secretary - Bro. Roger C. Nuneza

- - - - - - 
June 12 - Bro. Khaliquzzaman M. Macabato
June 15 - Bro. Sandy U. Sy
June 17 - VW Salvador Ll. Laya
June 18 - VW Angelo M. Rentoy

- - - - - -
June 1 - VW Robert & Sis Josie Padilla
June 2 - Bro. Melanio & Sis Anabelle Siao
June 5 - Bro. Arthur & Sis Liza Padilla
June 9 - WB Jaime & Sis Judith Magnetico
June 13 - Bro Ali and Sis Heide Bari
June 19 - VW Sotero & Sis Marisol Trinidad

- - - - - -
"To live our Masonic Obligations is to live an upright life worthy of praise..." - ME

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