Thursday, May 17, 2012

Iligan Lodge No. 207 Notice of Stated Meeting - May 19, 2012

Message from the Worshipful Master - WB Hilario Abel B. Gomez

These are the appropriate words defined to a great gift by the French Nation (many of them were Freemasons) to the American people more than 100 years ago -- the Statue of Liberty.  It stands as an immortal symbol of liberty and freedom.  It also reminds us, members of the Craft, that this is our battle cry.  When the Statue of Liberty had its centennial commemoration, Freemasons from all over the Americas were not only witnesses but also the proponents of its restoration.  It has and always be a masonic symbol.

In the local front, we are also reminded of our battle cry for freedom and liberty.  Our national flag had stood the test of time.  The "Pagpupugay sa Watawat" not only mentioned of masonic symbols but also emphasized the brotherhood of men under the Fatherhood of God. 

As we celebrate our centennial year, let us rededicate our commitments as freedom and liberty fighters.  Let us support support our masonic leaders headed by GM Santiago T. Gabionza whose investiture and installation was witnessed by fellow brothers who convened during the Annual Communication at Camsur last April 28.  Together with the other high officers of the Craft, let us continue to shine through under our masonic tenets.

Our April masonic education speaker was a peace fighter.  Bro. Ric Jalad is a member of the Philippine Army. He ably portrayed his role as peace keeper along with his men in uniform.  Their pursuit is also our pursuit as we keep our communities safe.

Hail to the brethren of our Lodge in attendance during the Ancom:  VW James Yu, VW Dominic Siao, WB Jaime Magnetico, WB Oscar Badelles, WB Ronald Sy, WB Ferdinand Bartolome, Bro. Renato Bontol, Bro. Roger Nuneza, Bro. Ali Bari and WB Abel.  The trip to Bicol was really an experience.

- - - - - -

5 PM     -  Opening of the Lodge of Master Mason

5:30 PM -  Main Business
                    Reading & Approval of minutes of last stated meeting
                    Reading & Approval of Secretary's financial report
                    Reading & Approval of Treasurer's report
                    Reading of Communications

6 PM     -  Committee Reports
                    Camsur 95th Annual Communication
                    Project Committees

6:05 PM - Balloting of Mr. Ian Justin P. Sagario

6:10 PM - Masonic Education - Bro. JW Ali M. Bari
                 Government Involvement with Masonic Project Sagip Kalikasan

6:30 PM - Acknowledgment of visiting Brethren

- - - - - -

May 2  - Bro. Danilo Gonzaga
May 4  - VW Ervin Aspiras
May 13- VW Robert Co
May 19- Bro. Lloyd Aguilar
            - Bro. Alykhan Ali
May 25- Bro. Francisco Laya
May 30- VW James Yu

- - - - - -

May 12- VW Gerardo Padilla & Sis Sol
May 13- VW Warlito Sanguila & Sis Marietta
May 18- Bro. Pat Noel & Sis Binky
May 21- WB Victor Mariano & Sis Belen
May 24- VW Ronald Sy & Sis Jean
May 24- WB Miguel Balbuena & Sis Merly
May 25- VW Salvador Laya & Sis Pilaring

- - - - - -
"With the present number of its membership, Philippine Masonry will not die.  But if we shall not be careful in the admission of candidates and improve on the procedure of admission, then we are starting the composition of a funeral hymn for the death of our noble institution.  As Freemasons, we should not allow this to happen.  If and when we do, we are doomed, for we have just hammered the last nail in the sarcophagus of Freemasonry." - A Quote from REFLECTIONS ON MASONIC VALUES

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