Sunday, February 5, 2012

As We Continue To Rebuild...

It is already February 5, 2012, more than a month since TS Washi (Typhoon Sendong) that left Iligan and Cagayan de Oro Cities devastated, I would like to extend this message in behalf of the brethren affected here in Iligan...

"Recovery from the devastation that we have experienced is still on-going, and we will do our very best to stand-up, rebuild our homes, our families dreams, our lives, our friendship, our city and our future, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks (lest we forget!) to those who have answered our call, whether financially or spiritually (by praying for us or texting us) that with your help, we have understood the meaning of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.  We pray that this should not be experienced by others to understand its true meaning, but realize it by looking at us and learning from what we have done to each other."

"It will take some time, but with the continued friendship of Brethren both from here and abroad until Time Is No More, will encourage and push us to do all these things.  May the teachings inside the lodge be not gone to waste for our main purpose of Making Good Men Better should never be forgotten but should instead transcend all boundaries, race and religion."

This posting is NOT a signal that we have stop working for all the affected brethren of the catastrophic floods but to extend our Thanks to those who helped and to those who still would like to help.

For new found friends of the craft from other parts of the country and world who have extended relief to those in need, and you know who you are, may the GAOTU continue to bless you and your families.

We would also like to thanked the members of the Masonic Relief Committee for taking time from their hectic schedules to be on hand to help brethren who are victims of the December 17, 2011 TS Washi, known officially in the Philippines as "Typhoon Sendong."  You have organized that very critical committee to look after the brethren and sisters who were victims, during those dark times. 

In behalf of the Officers and members of Iligan Lodge No. 207 and all the brethren of Masonic District RD X-D and ARMM (Lanao), Thank you so much from the bottom of our Hearts!

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