Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Plea For Financial Assistance For Iligan City Flood Victims

Brethren, last December 16, 2011, for the first time in the history of Iligan City, a typhoon passed through northern Mindanao affecting the cities of Iligan, Cagayan de Oro and Dumaguete.  As a result, hundreds of lives were lost and hundreds more are missing.

The path of the typhoon as shown in a photo series prepared by Mr. Marvin Isidore C. Macatol shows its deadly course.

No one was spared specially those located near Iligan's two major rivers, the Mandulog and Iligan rivers.  At least 50 of our brethren experienced lost of properties as flood waters reached upto their rooftops, in some areas, beyond.
The youtube video above was taken a few hours after the devastating event.  Ordinary citizens together with the Philippine Armed Forces united to helped those who lost their lives, who lost their loved ones, who lost their properties.  As shown, even cars, trucks and heavy equipments lie as if made of paper.

12 days have passed.  Christmas had passed.  And still we continue to look for those missing friends and relatives.  Searching for bodies yet to be found.  The smell of death lurks in the air in areas greatly damaged by the floods.  Schools were washed away in many areas.  The death toll has risen by the hundreds and still searching, hoping that it will end.  Survivors were luckily found in many sites, floating in the sea, as far as hundreds of kilometers away from Iligan.  Dead bodies too were found and recovered in distant places.

As reported in our city's disaster management command center, their were 11 barangays that was greatly affected by the catastrophe.

As a member of Iligan Lodge No. 207, I sadly say that this month was supposed to be our election month, but due to the incident, we have to postponed it until all things will be at least brought to a manageable state.  Also, I sadly say that our Worshipful Master is a victim of all this.  His house was totally submerged in the flood damaging all his property way beyond recovery.  Many other brother Masons were victims.  From their houses to business establishments losing hundreds of thousands probably millions of pesos.

Brethren, we turn to you asking to extend your cabletow across the seas, across the continents to help your brethren affected by the flood halfway around the world.

Donations can be sent through MetroBank ATM Account No. 170-3170360339 Name - WI Oscar V. Badelles - Iligan Masonic Disaster Relief Coordinating Committee.

May the Great Architect Of The Universe bless us all!

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