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Message from the Worshipful Master - June 18, 2011

My apologies to all the followers of this blog...I was really busy attending to some important visitors of our beloved city, I was not able to update the site.  As a matter of fact, I was not also able to attend our stated meeting.  (the visitors were the crew of GMA News TV, Weekend Getaway, who came to Iligan to shoot a segment of their show here.)

Message from WB Jaime P. Magnetico


The City of Iligan joined the nation in celebrating the 113th Philippine Independence day and simultaneously in honor of our national hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal.

The Independence Day Parade started from the Iligan City playground and followed a circuitous route passing thru the commercial center of the city and ended at the Public Plaza, the two lights of Iligan Lodge 207 joined by VW Warly Sanguila, VW Dominic Siao, WI Oscar V. Badelles, WI Ed Ulindang, Bro. Ali Bari, and VW Bill Bacareza.  VW Vice Mayor Henry Dy, VW Kagawad Moises Dalisay, Jr., and Bro. Pat D. Noel, in their Katipuneros uniform, were with the group of the City Government.  The brethren from the district were lead by VW Ed Banawa, DDGM.

Brethren our lodge is scheduled to visit Leonardo T. PaƱares Lodge No. 220, our sister lodge, this coming July 4, 2011.  In the spirit of fellowship, I encourage the brethren to join the group in the visitation.

In our caucus last June 14, 2011, WB Vic Mariano, informed the brethren that a couple from Las Vegas is visiting Iligan to distribute 1,000 eyeglasses to the indigent Iliganons this coming August 11 & 12, 2011.  Let us help & coordinate with WB Vic to canvass and identify the indigents in the different barangays in Iligan City that need eyeglasses.

I would like to thank Bro. Lloyd Aguilar & Bro. Iam John Chen, of Iligan Lodge No. 207 and Manticao Lodge No. 243 respectively, who jointly chaired the very successful joint hosting of the 2011 Mindanao Travelers' Invitational Shootfest.  Congratulations to the Team Relay Champion, which is composed of Bro. Sandy Sy, VW James Yu, WB Roberto Padilla & Bro. Jason Lim.  Likewise to the 2nd Runner-up wihich is composed of SW Abel Gomez, Bro. Lloyd Aguilar, Bro. Pat Noel & DeMolay Reggielloyd Aguilar.  In the Masons Team Relay fun event, there were eight (8) participating teams.

- - - - - -

Greetings to our JUNE BIRTHDAY celebrants:

Bro. Sandy U. Sy - June 15
Ill. Salvador Ll. Laya - June 17
VW Angelo M. Rentoy - June 18

- - - - - -
Best Wishes to our lovebirds for the month of JUNE:

Bro. Robert & Sis Josie Padilla - June 1
WB Melanio & Sis Anabelle Siao - June 2
Bro. Arthur & Sis Liza Padilla - June 5
WB Jaime & Sis Judith Magnetico - June 9
Bro Ali and Sis Heide Bari   -  June 13
VW Sotero & Sis Sol Trinidad - June 19
Bro. Antonio & Sis Connie Bartolome - June 25

- - - - - -

"The principal purpose of Masonry is to create in the world a band of men to whom others may look for example and inspiration - men who others will say are men of honor, virtue and charitable feelings." - WB and Chief Justice Manuel V. Moran

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