Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 Independence Day

The Independence Day activity was opened with a grand parade participated in by all sectors of  society in Iligan.  It was led by the Philippine National Police (PNP) followed by the Civil Security Unit (CSU) of the Local Government Unit (LGU) who were the standard bearers, followed by the Knights of Columbus who acted as the Honor Guards, then followed by the Local Government Officials led by the City Vice Mayor, VW Henry C. Dy.

VW Vice Mayor Henry C. Dy (second from left) accompanied by 
Councilor WBro. Moises D. Dalisay (extreme left), both of
Iligan Lodge No. 207 during the 114th Independence Day Parade.

Behind them a few meters back are the brethren of Masonic District RD-X and ARMM (Lanao) led by the District Deputy Grand Master VW Buenaventura C. Alipio accompanied by the District Grand Lecturer Eduard Banawa.  The 3 lights of Iligan Lodge was very much present during the parade and is shown enjoying their walk as the parade route takes them around the city and culminated at the Rizal Park.

The DDGM VW Buenaventura C. Alipio flanked by DGL VW Eduard Banawa (left)
and PDDGM VW Warlito Sanguila (right).  VW Warly Sanguila is one of the very
active members of Iligan Lodge No. 207.  Behind VW Warly is WB Ed Ulindang,
immediate Past Master of Iligan Lodge No. 207.

WB Oscar V. Badelles (middle foreground) with Bro. Hilario Abel Gomez,
(to his right) Junior Warden of Iligan Lodge No. 207.  The Senior Warden,
Bro. Jaime Magnetico is a few steps behind them with the rest of the
brethren of the district.

The parade culminated with an Independence Day program held at the Rizal Park.  Bro. Cesar Miguel, of Maranaw Lodge No. 111 delivered the "Salute to the Flag" during the program.  There were around 30 to 40 brethren who attended the parade.  All lodges of the district were represented. 

For the brethren, the day ended at the Ubaldo D. Laya Masonic Center with a hearty breakfast sponsored by the District.

Thanks to the Masters of the following lodges:  Maranaw Lodge No. 111, Iligan Lodge No. 207, Manticao Lodge No. 243, Judge Valerio V. Rovira Lodge No. 259, Lake Lanao Lodge No. 227, Glicerio A Lim Memorial Lodge No. 222 and the youngest of the 7, Rajah Indrapatra Lodge No. 387, without whom the day would not have been complete, colorful as well as educational.  Your leadership inspires the members to actively participate in all our undertakings.

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