Friday, May 14, 2010

Travelers who made it in the 2010 Iligan Elections

My heartfelt Congratulations to our brothers who won in the recent 2010 Elections here in Iligan City.  Their winning the polls is an assurance to our people of an honest and committed government service with a vision of having a very beautiful, prosperous and peaceful city.  And as they begin the next 3 years of their terms, we look forward for a very fulfilling journey towards what our vision of aspirations will be.

VW Vice Mayor Henry C. Dy, PDDGM and member of Iligan Lodge No. 207 on his historic 3rd term
as Vice Mayor of Iligan City, being proclaimed by the Local City Board of Canvassers.

VW Dy giving his short acceptance speech after he was proclaimed by the Local City Board of Canvassers.

Bro. Moises D. Dalisay, Jr., another member of Iligan Lodge No. 207, poses with the City Board of Canvassers after being proclaimed in the 6th position as elected City Councilor of Iligan.  Bro. "Moi" as he is fondly addressed by everyone who knows him, is now on his 3rd and last term as City Councilor.

WB Frederick W. Siao, Past Master of Manticao Lodge No. 243, a first timer in politics, placed a very impressive 3rd spot as City Councilor.
 WB Freddie Siao, with VW Henry - his father, VW Dominic - his brother (Past Master of Iligan Lodge No. 207, 2002), Sister Ampoy - his lovely and beautiful wife, and Sister Nene - his mother, proudly poses for our camera documenting this very happy and historic moments in their family's history.

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  1. Bro. Pat,

    I'm glad you have religiously maintained this spot. I'm sure it is taking a lot of your time and testing your perseverance. I salute you for this undertaking. Please keep on emulating the lecture of the beehive. More power to you. Regards and God bless....