Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The New Set of Officers : 2010

The following are the Officers for Masonic Year 6010 (2010 AD)

Worshipful Master         Oscar V. Badelles
Senior Warden              Jaime P. Magnetico
Junior Warden              Hilario Abel B. Gomez
Treasurer                      Boyd F. Siao
Secretary                      Graciano Audwin T. Garzon
Assistant Secretary        Antonio L. Bartolome
Auditor                          Eduardo D. Ulindang
Chaplain                        Sotero Q. Trinidad
Marshal                          Carlito L. Chan, Jr.
Senior Deacon                Rene A. Tan
Junior Deacon                Pat D. Noel
Orator                           Ronald U. Sy
Almoner                        Albert T. Chiu
Lecturers                      Eufemio L. Calio
                                     Victor G. Mariano
Senior Steward              Lloyd Jose C. Aguilar
Junior Steward              Alykhan U. Ali
Organist                        Abdul Hakim . Mamad
Tyler                             Rogelio R. Remollo
Protocol Officer            Eduardo B. Cueto     
Harmony Officer           Warlito M. Sanguila

The Three Lights
From left  :  Jaime Magnetico, Oscar Badelles and Abel Gomez

From left, standing : Pat D. Noel, Roy Trinidad, Ronald Sy, Albert Chiu, Kim Mamad, Lloyd Aguilar, Boy Bartolome, Victor Mariano, Carlito Chan, Rene Tan
From left, seated :  Audwin Garzon, Jaime Magnetico, Oscar Badelles, Abel Gomez, Boyd Siao

Wacky  Pose 

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